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Photograph of a group of young women posed in dance costumes.

Identified are (l to r): ?, Virginia Saum, Eunice Morrison, ? Miller, ?, Emma Lou (Stoner) Golliday.
Photograph of the document certifying that Calvin B. Golladay, from the 744th Bomb Squadron and the 455th Bomb Group was officially discharged honorably from San Antonio, Texas, on October 15, 1945.

Calvin was a resident of Shenandoah County and…
Photograph of the Honorable Discharge form for Calvin B. Golliday, formerly a truck driver in Mt. Jackson. S/Sgt. Golliday earned a Purple Heart and 3 Bronze Stars for his service as a "Flight Maintenance Gunner" during World War II. The discharge…
Photograph of Claude Irvin Golliday, seated, with his hands folded on his lap.

Irvin was born in Maryland, the son of Thomas Fletcher and Olive (Carrier) Golliday. He served in the Merchant Marines and later made his living as a bricklayer.

Portrait of Clarence "Sam" Golliday taken in the 1920's.
The name, "Annie Golliday" appears on the glass plate of this portrait of a short-haired woman.
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