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Portrait of Charles Richard Lantz as young man wearing a U.S. Army uniform.

Charles was a graduate of Edinburg High School who was killed in action during WWII.
Portrait of Tribly Hollar wearing faux pearls and glasses.

Trilby was the daughter of Cecil E. & Winnona Louise (Lantz) Hollar. She grew up in Lantz Mills. In 1955, she married Robert E. Daggett (1929-1996).

She was a majorette in High School…
Photograph of three Swartz siblings: (l to r) Joseph "Joe" Luther, Marion S. Jr., and Sarah Swartz. Their parents were Marion Strickler Swartz, Sr. (1898-1981) and Altha Swisher Swartz.

Joseph grew up and married Mary Frances Lantz. They had a…
Group photograph of the students and teachers of the Lantz Mills School in 1924.

The girl in the 2nd row from the bottom, 2nd student from the left was Elizabeth Stoneburner. The man in the center of the photograph was a teacher, Edward L. Lantz…
Photograph of two soldiers in their WWI uniforms. The soldier on the right is unidentified. The soldier on the left is Charles Madison Kingree (1893-1969), born in Edinburg, son of John Franklin and Virginia Frances Woods Kingree. He married Bessie…
This is a wedding photograph of Alfred Lavinder and Dorothy Lantz. Dorothy was the sister of Louise L. Luttrell of Mayfair House.
Portrait of Charles Richard Lantz in his U.S. Army uniform.

Charles was a graduate of Edinburg High School. He was killed in action during WWII.
L to R: Virgie Catherine Tisinger Lantz (1883-1969) pictured with her husband, William Warren Lantz (1877-1947), and their daughter, Winona Lantz Hollar. Winona Lantz married Cecil Hollar. Virgie Tisinger was the daughter of Robert Tisinger, who was…
Photograph of Teddy Paul Lantz, seated and wearing a suit.

Teddy was the son of Leonidas and Mattie (Coffelt) Lantz. His father had been married before and had children from his previous marriage.

A vintage Morrison photograph reprinted in the…

Photograph showing members of the Lantz family at a picnic. Ten individuals have been identified by Wenona Lantz as being in the photograph. They are from left to right, back row first:

-Virginia Lantz, Wenona's mother
-Lydia Tysinger, Wenona's…
Postcard with a picture showing the interior of Massanutten Academy's (now Massanutten Military Academy) auditorium located in Lantz Hall.

The auditorium was decorated for the academy's annual debate competition.
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