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Photo of a page from a scrapbook or photo album showing four separate images, two unidentified men, an unidentified woman, and an unidentified child.

The date, "1937", appears in the center of the image.

The name, "Saum" is at the top of the…
Portrait of John Logsdon and his wife, Helen (Wisman) Logsdon when they were young.

Helen Lucille Wisman was born in Woodstock to Walter Calvin and Irene Dora (Saum) Wisman.

She married John Ligouri Logsdon in 1946 in Washington D.C.

Family photograph of Walter Calvin Wisman with his wife, Irene Dora (Saum) Wisman and their first born son, James.

Walter C. Wisman was a farmer in the Woodstock area of Shenandoah County. He was the son of Josiah Wisman and Annie D.…
Damaged family photograph of Walter Calvin Wisman with his wife, Irene Dora (Saum) Wisman and their three children: (l to r) James E. Wisman, Helen (Wisman) Logsdon, and Calvin S. Wisman.

Walter C. Wisman was a farmer in the Woodstock area of…

Photograph of a group of young women posed in dance costumes.

Identified are (l to r): ?, Virginia Saum, Eunice Morrison, ? Miller, ?, Emma Lou (Stoner) Golliday.
Photograph of a group of young women dressed in ballet dance costumes. Identified are: (Back row, l to r) ?, Helen Rush, Mildred Saum, Violet Miller, ?, ?; (Front row, l to r) ?, Ruth Rice, Estaline Funk, ?, ?, Nora Hottle.
Group of female students seated on the steps of Woodstock High School. Some have been identified. They are: (Top row, l to r) Eunice Miller Willett and Beatrice Beidler; (2nd row, l to r) ?, ?, ?, Madeline Foltz; (3rd row, l to r) ?, Mildred Saum, ?,…
Photograph of John Addison Saum and his wife, Emma Ella (Wagniere) Saum.

John grew up in Edinburg. His father, Hugh Saum (1870-1943) owned and operated a hardware store. John’s mother was Mattie C. (Whitmer) Saum (1873-1961).

In June 1928,…
Photograph of the Strasburg High School Junior Class posed beside the school building in 1925.

The following students have been identified:
Front row (l to r) ?, Clyde Chandler, ?, ?,Omar Orndorff, ?, Marjorie Lichliter, John Saum

2nd row (l…

Postcard mailed to Saum & Brothers Store in Edinburg Virginia ordering a pair of sleigh runners. The order was placed by Joseph Hawkins of Hawkinstown Virginia.

Photograph showing the Saum Hardware Store in Edinburg Virginia. The picture was taken at the public auction liquidating the inventory of the store and selling the building following its closing in 1988. The building was later demolished and replaced…

Counterfeit 1928 series $5 United States Note contained in the collection of the Hugh Saum Hardware Store of Edinburg Virginia. Marked by the National Bank of Woodstock.

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Report of an extraordinary amount of snow and extremely frigid temperatures that occurred in Shenandoah County in December of 1880. The author is unknown, but it was kept by the Saum family of Edinburg Virginia.
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