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Photographic card bearing an image of a steam locomotive and cars on the Narrow Passage Railroad Trestle located between Edinburg and Woodstock Virginia.

The reverse bears an advertisement for "War Views," images of various Civil War sites in…

Photograph showing two women with a steam locomotive. The woman standing is Elizabeth Williams Lichliter whose husband William worked for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at the Strasburg Junction Depot. The younger woman on the locomotive may be one…
An unlabeled postcard showing the freight depot in New Market Virginia.
Photographic postcard showing a steam locomotive and railroad cars crossing the Narrow Passage Railroad Bridge just south of Woodstock Virginia.
Postcard with a photograph of a steam locomotive and train crossing the railroad bridge across Narrow Passage at the Willow Grove Community.
Postcard with a picture of the freight depot in Woodstock Virginia.
Postcard with a picture of a crowd viewing a 1908 wreck of two freight trains near Pughs Run north of Woodstock Virginia.
Color postcard with a picture of the concourse at Washington DC's Union Station.
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