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Photograph of an early farming machine advertised to have 8 different capabilities.
Photograph of a photograph showing an unidentified shed on the edge of a cultivated field.

Scale ticket and sale bill issued to Paul Runion by the Woodstock Livestock Market Inc.

The items are for the sale of a 220 pound calf on June 6, 1945. The gross amount for the sale was $36.30.

Photographic print showing four men atop a steam traction engine and other machinery. They appear to be harvesting corn.

The photograph is undated. A label in the left hand corner bearing the word "Engine" followed by an illegible second word is…

Photograph of two unknown men with a young horse right outside a barn. Farm tools are visible in the background. The photograph was taken ca. 1929.

On the back of the photograph, someone wrote the number 4.

Advertisement for Thomas Manufacturing Company Disc Drills and Grain Drills sold by Snarr and Miley Store in Toms Brook Virginia.

The advertisement is undated, but includes testimonials from individuals dated 1911.

Business card produced for Galen Jerome Dellinger Sr., a dealer in agricultural machinery near Conicville Virginia during the middle part of the 20th century.

The card advertises "New and Used Farm Machinery" and contains his phone number and…

Twp photographs showing two unidentified men loading or unloading a wagon filled with hay.

Based on the date of a related image, these photographs most likely date to ca. 1916.

Photograph showing several unidentified men working with crops and farm equipment in front of a silo and barn.

Photograph showing four unidentified men and an unidentified boy in front of a large stack of. The location and date of the photograph are unknown.

Photograph showing two unidentified men posing with several pieces of steam powered farm equipment. The location of the picture is unknown.

Photograph showing two men and a boy among stalks of corn in a field. Their identities and the date of the photograph is unknown.

Photographs (3) showing sheep on an unidentified farm in Shenandoah County. Photographs are dated August 26, 1929.

Photographs showing a groups of farmers/agricultural laborers making hay with horse powered equipment. The photographs are dated August 26 1929.

Photograph showing sets of harnessed horses in a field somewhere in Shenandoah County.
Photograph showing an unidentified man carrying a basket while picking fruit.
Photograph showing an unidentified man with a commercial sterilizer used for processing canned peaches.
Photograph showing an unidentified man and woman at a peach farm. Bushels of peaches and a pike of seed can be seen in the background. The location of the photograph is unknown.
Photograph of an unidentified man and woman standing with bushels of picked peaches. The photograph was taken at an unknown location.
Photograph of individuals working to can peaches at a commercial establishment. The identities of the workers and their location is unknown.
Photograph of a group of women working to can peaches at a commercial establishment. The identies of the workers and their location is unknown.

Letter sent from the Virginia Department of Agriculture, Division of Markets, to Fred C. Didawick of the Edinburg Hatchery outlining test results conducted for the Bacillary White Diarrhea disease among the hatchery's chickens. The results announced…

Photograph of three cows at an unidentified farm.
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing a man a the Skenk Chicks farm with a chicken. This organization was located in Rockingham County between Broadway and Timberville.
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing tractors participating in the corn harvest at an unidentified farm.
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