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Panorama of an unidentified farm house on a knob with various barns and outbuildings around it.
Photograph of the Bushong Farm located in the New Market Battlefield State Historical Park north of New Market, Virginia. The Federal-styled home was built in 1825 to accommodate Jacob Bushong and Sarah Strickler's growing family.

The 1864…
Panoramic shot of an unidentified farm house surrounded by outbuildings and the scenic Shenandoah Valley. Plate shows emulsion damage.
Image of several unidentified farm buildings taken from across a field.
Photograph of a rural farmhouse and barn set against a mountain backdrop.
Unidentified farm buildings with hilly terrain and mountains in the background.
Photograph of a painting done in 1880 by Julia Kagey of Locust Vale Farm. The farm was located southwest of the Shenandoah Caverns Exit of I-81, in the Rude's Hill area. John Henry Neff purchased 470 acres of land in 1750. It was divided among his…
Photograph of a photograph showing an unidentified shed on the edge of a cultivated field.
Side view of a two-story farmhouse with covered front porch and an outbuilding in the back yard.
Panoramic view of unidentified farm showing two-story farmhouse with covered front porch, large barn on the left, and numerous other outbuildings.
Farm buildings photographed from across a field. Image includes profile of a two-story home and several outbuildings. Land slopes upwards behind the buildings.
Photograph of a cluster of farm buildings taken from across a field. Image includes profile of a farmhouse, a large barn, and several outbuildings. An unidentified man is in the foreground.
Unidentified men standing by a large barn. Photograph has faded.
Unidentified people standing in the doorway of a large barn on Samuel Crabill's farm located on Ridgeley Road, Woodstock.
Roy Gochenour with two horses and a plow. Mr. Gochenour had a farm on Ridgely Road in Woodstock. His son, Lewis Gochenour still lived there in 2002.
Photograph of Sam Crabill's farm on Ridgely Road in Woodstock. Sam's wife was a Windle. The farm buildings are no longer there.

Photograph of two unknown men with a young horse right outside a barn. Farm tools are visible in the background. The photograph was taken ca. 1929.

On the back of the photograph, someone wrote the number 4.
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