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Annie (Tisinger) Smoot seated on a bench with her two nieces, Virginia (left) and sister, Anita (right) Tisinger.

Virginia Tisinger was born west of Mt. Jackson and married William Ensor.
Copy of an earlier photograph of Julia Arnetta (Henkel) Tisinger. It's possible this copy was made shortly after she died.

Julia was the daughter of Siram Peter (1809-1879) and Margaret (Koiner) (1820-1899) Henkel of the Plains Mill - Timberville…
Portrait of Margaret Amelia (Tisinger) Shutters wearing a striped blouse and glasses.

Margaret was from Mt. Jackson, the daughter of Joseph Homer (1853-1938) and Julia Arnetta (Henckel) (1859-1911) Tisinger.

She married Harry Bernard Shutters…
Photograph of Rosie S. Dellinger (left), and her niece, Goldie Virginia Dellinger. Goldie's father was Samuel Dellinger, Rosie's brother.

Goldie married Claude Tisinger.
Photograph of Goldie Virginia (Dellinger) Tisinger and her husband, Claude George Tisinger, Sr.

Goldie was the daughter of Samuel (1889-1911) and Gertie Selena (Mumaw) (1889-1981) Dellinger. Her husband, Claude, was the son of George Henry…
Photograph of handwritten entries in a book listing the births of nine Tisingers between 1863 and 1902.
Susan Frances "Fannie" Tisinger Kerns was the daughter of Jacob Tisinger (1808 to 1886) and Anna Getz.
Portrait of two sisters: Virginia Tisinger Baker on the left and Anita Tisinger Davidson on the right. They were the daughters of Jacob Thomas Tisinger and Willie Hepner Tisinger Zirkle.
Portrait of Margaret Amelia (Tisinger) Shutters as a young woman, probably taken not long before she married.

Margaret was one of at least seven children born to Joseph Homer (1853-1838) and Julia Arnetta (Henkel) (1859-1911) Tisinger, a farming…
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing the Tisinger Farm located just south of Mt. Jackson Virginia on US Route 11.
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