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The name, "Hepner" is written on the glass plate of this image of a young child with almost no hair.
The name, "Hepner" is on the glass plate for this image of a man, woman, and young child, probably a family.
The name, "Hepner", is written on the glass plate of this image of two young children, seated together.
Portrait of Terry Hepner sitting next to an unidentified young man in studio. They are both wearing their military uniforms.
Charles "Charlie" L. Hepner standing beside his wife, Ruth G. (Mumaw) Hepner.

Both were from the Conicville area of Shenandoah County.
Photograph of unidentified people on the porch of a 2-story home. The image is labelled, "Hepner View House. Mt. Jackson, Va."
Photograph of an unidentified woman.

The glass negative is labeled "Hepner."
Portrait of Ruth "Winnie" (Hepner) Hoover as a young woman with long hair.

Her parents were Samuel B. and Minnie Hepner. She married George Landon Hoover in 1915.
Portrait of Samuel Beauregard Hepner as a young man. His wife was Minnie Lee (Dellinger) Hepner (1867-1954).
Portrait of Minnie Lee (Dellinger) Hepner, wife of Samuel Beauregard Hepner (1862-1960).
Photograph of Thelma Eileen Hepner when she was young.

She married Carl Bauman Keller (1900-1984) in 1922 and lived in Winchester for many years.
Terry Hepner as a young man wearing his military uniform, possibly for the Merchant Marines.
The name, "Mrs. Alvin Foley", is written on the glass plate of this image of a woman.

Upon further research, we determined this was a photograph of Edith Marie (Rupert) Foley, wife of Alvin Hester Foley.

Edith was from New Market and grew up…
Photograph of two siblings, Anna Mary and Warren Dellinger, when they were young children.

Anna Mary and Warren were the oldest of at least five children born to Russell Franklin (1896-1981) and Daisy Matilda (Hottel) (1898-1989) Dellinger.

Portrait of James Durwood Hepner wearing his U.S. Navy uniform.

His wife was Jane (Keller) Hepner (1924-2004).
Portrait of James D. Hepner wearing his U.S. Navy overcoat.

His wife was Jane (Keller) Hepner (1924-2004).
Portrait of two sisters: Virginia Tisinger Baker on the left and Anita Tisinger Davidson on the right. They were the daughters of Jacob Thomas Tisinger and Willie Hepner Tisinger Zirkle.
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