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Photo of a photograph of a winter backyard scene. The yard is ringed with trellises and arbors indicating the area is someone's garden.
Unidentified woman wearing a fox fur stole around her neck and holding her hands inside a ladies fur muff. Standing next to her is a younger unidentified girl also with a fur muff. Both have on winter coats and hats.
Photograph of a winter scene with snow covered bushes and trees.
Landscape view of a portion of Woodstock Virginia after a snowfall.

The image looks west from the "Birdwood House" located on Water Street near that road's intersection with High Street. Structures along E. Court Street occupy the middle of the…
A snow-covered fir tree is the focal point of this winter image. Behind it, the outline of a house is visible.
Photograph of a winter scene on Muhlenberg Street in Woodstock Virginia.

The picture looks north west on the block of the street between Spring and High Streets. The Woodstock Methodist Church can be seen in the background.
A photograph of five of Hugh Morrison, Jr.'s children in front of the Morrison home (305 North Main Street in Woodstock). There is snow on the ground and one of the children is seated on a sleigh. One child is standing next to a dog. There is a woman…
Unidentified Morrison children playing in the snow in front of the Morrison Home. The house has since been knocked down. The Catholic church uses the site for their parking lot and playground area.
Photograph looking out onto snow-covered bushes and trees. A street is visible past the yards.
Photograph of two wintry photos; one featuring an unidentified man standing outside while in the other image, the same man is with two other men wearing uniforms. Both shots were taken outside and snow is everywhere.
Horse-drawn carriage with an unidentified driver shown in front of a home in winter. Four unidentified children are visible on the front porch and snow is everywhere.
Photograph of a winter scene along Muhlenberg Street in Woodstock Virginia.

The house in the background of the image is located at the intersection of Court Street and Muhlenberg Street. It is commonly called the "Chapman" or "Marshall" House…
Postcard showing a photograph of a snowy scene surrounding the Shenvalee Hotel in New Market Virginia.

The card is a "Picto-Card" produced by Kaesar & Blair Incorporated of Cincinnati Ohio and is undated.
Postcard with a picture of individuals skating on Stoney Creek near Edinburg Virginia.
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