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Photograph of an unidentified man holding a snake at a children's program held at the Shenandoah County Library.

The photograph is undated, but based on contextual information would have been taken in the early 2000s.
Profile of a milking cow standing in a field with trees visible in the background.
Unidentified woman wearing a bonnet is standing behind a large cow with horns.
Damaged photograph of a rabbit.

Photograph of a rabbit.

Image has been rotated 90 degrees from the original due to landscape orientation.
Photograph of four rabbits together.
Photograph of six rabbits together.
Photograph of six rabbits together.
Photograph of a mother rabbit with her kits.
Photograph of a mother rabbit and her kits.
John Ryman, a successful trapper, photographed in the studio with his prize, a bobcat. His sweater, long coat and warm fur hat indicate winter trapping. Notice the trap on the animal's rear leg.
Photograph of a shelf loaded with toy animals, each in profile and cut from wood.
Unidentified farmer standing behind six pigs at a trough.
Front page of the "Certificate of Entry" of the stallion called "June Silver King" into the stud book of the American Shetland Pony Club. The pony was sold by Phillip Siegrist of Dayton, Ohio, to Mr. Maynard A. Hamman of Woodstock Virginia, in April…
Back side of the "Certificate of Entry of the Stallion in the Stud Book of the American Shetland Pony Club". The registration was dated September 1948. The family tree diagram shows the ancestry of a pony named "June Silver King".
Photograph of a taxidermy squirrel with a nut in its front paws.
Photograph of two taxidermy animals posed on a stone bench. They appear to be river otters. The one of the right is larger and baring its teeth.
Unidentified farmer standing with four pigs at a trough.
Unidentified farmer holding a stick. Pigs eating out of a trough are visible behind him.
Unidentified man holding a stick and standing behind five pigs as they eat at a trough.
Photograph of a lizard facing away from the camera.
Unidentified man standing behind and holding the halter of a large milking cow.
Unidentified man standing behind and holding the halter for a large cow.
Unidentified young boy standing in a back yard with two pigs behind him and four geese in front of him.
Candid photograph taken outdoors of an unidentified girl feeding a bottle to a young sheep
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