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John C. Ryman, pictured as a young man and wearing a suit and tie.

John was a lifelong Woodstock area farmer and member of Valley Pike Church of the Brethren. His parents were Edward Andrew (1891-1978) and Sudie Frances (Hoffman) (1891-1965)…
Photograph of the Bly family.

Pictured are:

Parents Pearl Bly and Anna "Annie" Bell Ryman (seated).
Vallie Bly (back, right)
Mabel "Bessie" Bly (back left)
Joseph Annanias Bly (seated, left front)
Gertrude Bly (standing, middle…
Photograph of Nevin and Minnie (Ryman) Rosenberger from rural Strasburg.

The couple owned and operated a store on the Back Road called the Nevin Rosenberger Store.

They are buried together in St. Stephens Cemetery, Strasburg Junction.
Photograph of Chester Wright Riffee and his younger sister, Katherine Virginia, as young children. They were the two oldest children of George Henry (1867-1952) and Wilda M. (Boehm) (1877-1939) Riffee.

Chester married Stella Ellen (Ryman)…
Portrait of Eva Ryman Cline as a toddler posed in studio. She was the daughter of Edward and Susan Huffman Ryman.
John Ryman, a successful trapper, photographed in the studio with his prize, a bobcat. His sweater, long coat and warm fur hat indicate winter trapping. Notice the trap on the animal's rear leg.
Portrait of Elda Estelle Fravel (1902-1993). She was the daughter of Benjamin Edward and Mary Elizabeth (Ryman) Fravel. Elda lived a long life and never married. She is buried in the cemetery of St. Johns United Church of Christ in Harrisville, west…
Photograph of Joycie (Grandstaff) Peer Wilkins, with her arms folded, beside Mary (Webster) Ryman.

Joycie was the daughter of James Booten and Mildred (Cook) Grandstaff. She grew up with at least four siblings.

She married Roy Lee Peer…
Photo of a photograph of Irvin Lewis Burner wearing his U.S. Army uniform.

Irvin Lewis (some records say “Louis”) was the son of Azariah “Asa” Weston (1896-1987) and Effie Virginia (Nicholson) (1901-1985) Burner. His father worked at a…
Portrait of Elizabeth (Showman) Ryman as a young woman. Her husband was Lewis F. Ryman. She had two daughters and a son.
Photograph of Elizabeth (Showman) Ryman and her two oldest daughters, Sylvia (standing) and Barbara.

Her husband was Lewis F. Ryman and his name was written of the glass plate of this image.
Everett Wisman in his U.S. Army uniform, pictured with his three sisters: Ruth Virginia Wisman Dysart (top right), Mary "Snookie" Wisman Hoover, and Lois Wisman Ryman.
George Cline and Eva Ryman married on June 20, 1934. The bride was 20 years old and this is their wedding photograph. Eva had a sister named Ethel Bowers.
Edward "Eddie" A. Ryman and his wife, Sudie Frances Huffman (1891-1965). Her parents were Charles S. and Eva Foltz Huffman. Eddie's parents were John and Mary Hess Ryman. Eddie and Sudie's children included John Charles Ryman, Ethel Irene Bowers, and…
The name, "Carson Ryman" is written on the glass plate of this image of a toddler in wintry clothing seated on a chair.
Photograph of Ethel Irene (Ryman) Bowers as a young woman.
Left to right: Lizzie Funkhouser (later, Miller), Robbie Fletcher (later, Mumaw), and Fanny Ryman (later, Delawder). These three women from the Conicville area. Lizzie later went to work in Washington in April 1924.

A cabinet card photograph of Jacob Ryman. The photograph was produced by Leedham of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania.

Jacob Ryman was born September 10, 1877 in the St. Luke Community of Shenandoah County. On December 23, 1903 he married Rose Riffey…
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