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Portrait of Mr. Robert and Mrs. Maude (Munch) Stinson posed in studio with their daughter, Gail Stinson Burke. Mr. Stinson is sitting on a bench with his wife standing next to him and their daughter standing on his other side.
Photograph of Gail Stinson Burke sitting on a bench with her son, Larry, standing on the bench beside her.

Gail was a 1940 graduate of Edinburg High School. Her parents were Robert William Stinson and Maud Munch Stinson.

Mrs. Burke married…
Portrait of Clarence Roscoe Burke, seated, with his wife, Edith Regina (Boyer) Burke, standing beside him.

The couple were originally from Fort Valley and lived in Washington, D.C.
Portrait of Will and Emma Shipe when they were young.

William C. “Will” Shipe and Emma Lee (Lichliter) Shipe were lifelong Fort Valley residents and farmers. Will was the son of John and Isabelle (Smith) Shipe while Emma was the daughter of…
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