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Gary Stinson as a smiling young boy standing on a bench.

His parents were Robert and Maude (Munch) Stinson. He had a sister, Gail (Stinson) Burke.

He was from Fort Valley.
Portrait of Charles Stinson wearing his U.S. Navy uniform. Shoulder insignia indicates he served as a hospital steward. His rank was Petty Officer 3.

Charles grew up in Strasburg.
Charles Stinson as a young boy wearing a sailor-themed outfit and posed with a ball.
Portrait of Mr. Robert and Mrs. Maude (Munch) Stinson posed in studio with their daughter, Gail Stinson Burke. Mr. Stinson is sitting on a bench with his wife standing next to him and their daughter standing on his other side.
Portrait of Jane Stinson as a young girl. Born in Woodstock, her parents were James Vernon and Evelyn (Keller) Stinson.

She was a 24-year old nurse living in Toms Brook when she married James Milton Miller from Riverdale, Maryland. He was the son…
Photograph of Gail Stinson Burke sitting on a bench with her son, Larry, standing on the bench beside her.

Gail was a 1940 graduate of Edinburg High School. Her parents were Robert William Stinson and Maud Munch Stinson.

Mrs. Burke married…
Portrait of Jane Cullen Stinson as a young woman.
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