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Portrait of Eva Ryman Cline as a toddler posed in studio. She was the daughter of Edward and Susan Huffman Ryman.
Portrait of Helen (Cline) Ramey as a young woman with short hair. Her husband was Lauck Harold Ramey (1920-1996). Both are buried in Woodstock.
George Cline and Eva Ryman married on June 20, 1934. The bride was 20 years old and this is their wedding photograph. Eva had a sister named Ethel Bowers.
Edward "Eddie" A. Ryman and his wife, Sudie Frances Huffman (1891-1965). Her parents were Charles S. and Eva Foltz Huffman. Eddie's parents were John and Mary Hess Ryman. Eddie and Sudie's children included John Charles Ryman, Ethel Irene Bowers, and…
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