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Aquilla D. Bowers, seated with his wife, Susie (Long) Bowers and their two young sons, William Henry (standing) and David Long Bowers (seated by his mother).
Photo of a framed photograph of Nancy Hutcheson as a young woman.

Nancy Hutcheson was born in Edinburg to Lloyd Amos (1907-1972) and Evaline Frances (Bowers) (1911-1994) Hutcheson. In 1940, the family lived in the Madison District of Shenandoah…
Photograph of Hattie Rebecca (Miller) Foltz posed on the arm of a chair next to her husband, Kirby Lee Foltz.

Hattie R. (Miller) Foltz was the daughter of Milton and Rebecca Miller, from Jerome. She completed the 7th grade and married Kirby in…
Portrait of Ann (Kline) Bowers as a young woman wearing a short sleeved knit top and a faux pearl necklace.
Portrait of Ralph Bowers wearing his U.S. Army uniform and seated beside his wife, Lillian (Ritenour) Bowers.
Photo of two photographs showing James "Jimmy" Bowers and his wife Violet Bowers.

Jimmy Bowers was the owner of Bowers Taxidermy in Maurertown.
Photograph of Harry E. Copenhaver with his wife, Lois “Sally” (Bowers) Copenhaver. This may be their wedding photograph.

Harry was born in Edinburg to Wade Hampton and Stella May (Lineweaver) Copenhaver. He grew up on a farm in the Madison…
Photograph of Samuel Lorenzo Spiggle as a young man in his U.S. Army uniform and standing beside a pennant that says, "Camp Lee".

He was from Edinburg, the son of Turner W. and Annie (Grim) Spiggle.

In 1924, after his military service, Samuel…
Portrait of Fulton Bowers as a young man.

Fulton Bowers, nicknamed "Toad, was born in Toms Brook Virginia, The son of the late Albert C. and Ida Pearl Bowers.

He served in the US Army during the Second World War fighting in the North Africa…
Family photograph of Claude Coffman (left) and his wife, Elizabeth "Pat" Coffman (seated), and his two sons, Donald "Donnie" (left) and Robert (right).

Claude's parents were Lee and Bertha (Bowers) Coffman. His siblings included William, Maxine,…
Family photograph of Claude Coffman (left) and his wife, Elizabeth "Pat" Coffman (seated), and his two sons, Donald "Donnie" (left) and Robert (right).

Claude's parents were Lee and Bertha (Bowers) Coffman. His siblings included William, Maxine,…
Portrait of Cover Benton Bowers and his wife, Ida Florence (Litten) Bowers. They married in 1908 and had 3 daughters and 3 sons. Cover was the son of Aquilla and Virginia (Heltzel) Bowers. His wife, Ida's, parents were Lemuel and Elizabeth…
Photograph of the cast of the four-act comedy, "An Arizona Cowboy," on stage at the Calvary School, located near Woodstock. The play was presented on April 3rd, raising $36.50, and April 4th, raising $31.00. String music and singing was provided by…
Photograph of Harold Jacob Bowers Sr. (left) and Robert William Bowers Jr. (right).

The name, "Robt Bowers" is written on the glass plate of this image.
Photograph of an unidentified man and woman.

The glass negative is labeled "Luther Bowers."
Portrait of Gale (or Gayle) Bowers as a young woman.
The name, "Robert Heishman", is written on the glass plate of this image of an unidentified man wearing a suit and tie.

This man may be Robert Franklin Heishman (1880-1942) of Hamburg Virginia but it is uncertain.
Portrait of a smiling Pauline Bowers. She lived in Mt. Jackson for many years.
Portrait of Lillian Ritenour Bowers as a young woman.
Portrait of Helen Bowers Sheetz as a young woman. She was the wife of Harry Sheetz (son of Asa Sheetz). Their children were Daniel, Eileen, Terry, Carol, and Diane.
Portrait of William Otto Seal with his wife, Christena E. (Bowers) Seal.

William was the son of Virgil and Bernice (George ) Seal. Christena was the daughter of John Medgar and Myrtle Marie (Heishman) Bowers.

Bill served in the US Army during…
Photograph of Paul Foltz and his wife, Eda R. (Bowers) Foltz on their wedding day.

Paul was from Conicville and Ida was from Woodstock.

The couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary together before their deaths.
Photograph of the students from Bowmans Crossing School about 1911. They are identified as:
1st row (l to r): Ruth Baker, Raymond Baker, Medger Bowers, Clarence ?, Joe Bowers, Fred Grandstaff (Tip Downey), and Mertie Bowers.
2nd Row: Buford…
Photograph of an obituary for Cornelius Bowers (1836.-1935) . Mr. Bowers lived in Woodstock and had for many years, worked for the Raymond & Campbell Stove Company. He was also a blacksmith and boilermaker. His wife died in 1916. In his later years,…
George Cline and Eva Ryman married on June 20, 1934. The bride was 20 years old and this is their wedding photograph. Eva had a sister named Ethel Bowers.
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