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Photograph of a dammed creek in a wooded area.
Unidentified reservoir with concrete dam on one side.

Photograph by Hugh Morrison showing the dynamiting of the Triplett Dam east of Woodstock on June 19, 1910. The dam was destroyed to alleviate issues caused by extreme flooding. The dam was owned by Dr. J.I. Triplett who has designed it to produce…
Postcard showing the "S.P. Lonas' Mill Dam" in Mt. Jackson Virginia.

The dam was located on Mill Creek on what is now the southern part of town. It was constructed sometime before 1897.
Colorized postcard labeled "Stonewall Dam on Shenandoah River, Virginia. - A Scene Near Woodstock Va." It is dated 1937.

This dam was part of the Stonewall Mill complex. The original mill dates to before the Civil War, but this dam was most…
Postcard with a picture of the Shenandoah River and dam taken from the river bridge located just east of Woodstock Virginia. The area is locally known as "Burnshire's."
Postcard with a picture of Stickley's Dam near Strasburg Virginia. The dam is located on Cedar Creek. The Massanutten Mountain is visible in the background.
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