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Portrait of Anna Lee Emswiller Hollingsworth
Bessie Emswiller Grim was the daughter of Marion and Duna Holler Emswiller. Her husband was Charles "Charlie" Edward Grim, Jr. She had many siblings including: Catherine, May, Goldie, Guy, Carl, Fred, and Ray.
Portrait of three friends: Unidentified young woman on the left, Louise Emswiller Dellinger in the middle, and Hilda Foltz on the right. Louise married Forest Dellinger.
Portrait of Kathryn Emswiller, who grew up in Woodstock and married Guy Emswiller.
Photograph of the cast of the four-act comedy, "An Arizona Cowboy," on stage at the Calvary School, located near Woodstock. The play was presented on April 3rd, raising $36.50, and April 4th, raising $31.00. String music and singing was provided by…
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