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Portrait of Betty Mowery as a teenaged girl. A small pin is attached to her knit top.
Laymon Franklin Mowery as a baby propped against pillows on a chair.

Laymon was born in Woodstock, the son of Gaylen Franklin Mowery (1921-1990) and Velma Catherine (Stepp) Mowery-Painter.

He graduated from Central High School in 1966 and…
Photo of a framed photograph of Dr. Harold W. Miller, Sr. Dr. Miller was the son of John Christley and Cora Ellen (Mowery) Miller of Woodstock.

In 1927, he married Susan Brubaker (1899-1949) in Washington D.C. The couple lived in D.C. and then…
Photograph of Eunice Victoria (Burner) Mowery as a young woman.

Her parents were William Henry and Nettie (Ritenour) Burner.

She married William Henry Mowery.
Photograph of the cast of the four-act comedy, "An Arizona Cowboy," on stage at the Calvary School, located near Woodstock. The play was presented on April 3rd, raising $36.50, and April 4th, raising $31.00. String music and singing was provided by…
Group photograph of the student cast from a school play put on at the Calvary School in the 1920's. The seated man in the front wearing a white hat has been identified as Earnest Mowery but the others are unknown.
Photo of two separate images of Ruth (Allen) Booth (1910-1998), daughter of Andrew Charles and Maude M. (Ellison) Allen. Ruth married Charles Franklin Booth (1908-1963) on September 19, 1934, in Strasburg, where they lived. He was a 29-year old…
Portrait of Helen Swartz Mowery.
Copy of an older tin-type image of Ephriam Mowery, son of John Mowery. Ephriam served in the Confederate Army in Company G of the 2nd Virginia Infantry. He died on April 14, 1865, in Elmira, N.Y. He is buried in Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira…

Photograph showing Stella Bly (left) and Isabelle Mowery (right) behind a car with their dog. The photograph was taken around 1930.

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