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Photograph of Samuel Ford Rickard as a young boy standing on a bench.

Samuel was born in the Maurertown area to L. William and Edna Mae (Richman) Rickard, a farming couple. He was the oldest of five children.

He grew up helping on the farm and…
Photograph of a handwritten page outlining the steps taken by the Clerk's office in Shenandoah County in 1916 to determine and execute the terms of the last will of M.C. Rickard.

It appears that two of the beneficiaries, Stomer and Oscar Rickard,…
Photograph of the cast of the four-act comedy, "An Arizona Cowboy," on stage at the Calvary School, located near Woodstock. The play was presented on April 3rd, raising $36.50, and April 4th, raising $31.00. String music and singing was provided by…
Group of students posed together outside Woodstock High School. The girl standing 3rd from the right in the front row is Edna Mae Richman Rickard. The others have not been identified.
Portrait of Nell Houston wearing glasses, earrings and a pearl necklace. She was the mother of Nell Houston who married Marwood Rickard.
Portrait of Mertie Rickard, the daughter of John Rutz and the mother of Marwood Rickard.
Portrait of Marwood Rickard as a young man. He was from Toms Brook and as of 2002, lived near Harrisville (by a church).
Photograph of two separate legal documents.

The top half of the image is part of a will signed by "M.C. Rickard" from near Calvary on 16 June 1906. The document leaves to Mary E. Howers and her four children the lot at Calvary on which there was…
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