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Portrait of two girls. The younger one on the right is Margaret May (Strickler) Sheetz. She is holding the hand of an older girl, probably her sister.

Margaret Strickler was born in Woodstock, daughter of the late Joseph William (1882-1961) and…
Portrait of Barbara Sheetz Burnshire as a young girl sitting on a chair in studio. "Wm Sheetz" appears to be written on the glass plate.
Portrait of Mary Frances Burner Didawick as a young woman. She was the daughter of W.L. and Marilla (Keller) Burner and married Glenn Harry Didawick (1897-1959) sometime around 1920.

Glenn H. Didawick was the son of Thomas J. and Ida Alice…
Portrait of Roy Lee Kibler and his wife, Georgia Rhinehart, as a young couple.

Roy was the son of Noah Samuel and Gertrude (Sheetz) Kibler. He died unexpectedly of appendicitis after being married only 6 years leaving behind a daughter, Helen…
Portrait of Shenandoah County Game Warden, Elon Daniel Sheetz, wearing his uniform. He was married to Sylvia Miller Sheetz.
Portrait of Francis Douglas French and his older sister, Emma E. (French) Randel. Their parents were Warren Ballenger and Lena (Sheetz) French. Other siblings (not pictured) included Warren B. Jr., Millson, Orrin, Ellen, Lena, and Sally.

Portrait of Milton Lloyd Hite, son of Milton L. Hite and Emma (Sheetz) Hite. He married Anna Mary Fravel in 1911. The couple had four children: Mrs. Charles Cover, Anna Lee Hite, Richard L. Hite, and J. Edwin Hite.

He lived in Edinburg and worked…
Photograph of the cast of the four-act comedy, "An Arizona Cowboy," on stage at the Calvary School, located near Woodstock. The play was presented on April 3rd, raising $36.50, and April 4th, raising $31.00. String music and singing was provided by…
Group of female students seated on the steps of Woodstock High School. Some have been identified. They are: (Top row, l to r) Eunice Miller Willett and Beatrice Beidler; (2nd row, l to r) ?, ?, ?, Madeline Foltz; (3rd row, l to r) ?, Mildred Saum, ?,…
Photograph of Asa A. Sheetz's prize turkey.
Portrait of Asa A. Sheetz kneeling behind his prize turkey and holding a rifle. His hand appears to be bandaged.
A portrait of Isabelle Sheetz Shannon.
Portrait of Melvin Lutz, seated next to his wife, Fleta (Sheetz) Lutz, and their daughter, Mary Ann (Lutz) Williamson.
Studio portrait of Melvin Lutz with his wife, Fleta (Sheetz) Lutz, and his daughter, Mary Ann (Lutz) Williamson.
Portrait of Clifton Robert Sheetz with his daughter, Juana, and wife Mettie. Clifton lived from 1912-1998. His parents were Kenton A. Sheetz and Clara Esther Shipe. He lived in Maryland when he died and is buried there.
Portrait of Mary Miller as a young woman. Born in Calvary, Mary was the daughter of Charlie and Atha Sheetz Miller. She married Leonard Smoot. Their children were: Charles, Dickie, Leonard, Jr., and Betty Lou Stickley.
Portrait of Helen Bowers Sheetz as a young woman. She was the wife of Harry Sheetz (son of Asa Sheetz). Their children were Daniel, Eileen, Terry, Carol, and Diane.
Photograph of Asa Allen Sheetz with a rifle and holding a dead game bird. Mr. Sheetz married Mary Elizabeth Dirting and was known locally as a Taxidermist, Orchardist, Inventor, and Farmer.
Portrait of Glenn Henry Didawick, and his wife, Mary Frances Burner Didawick when they were young.

Glenn H. Didawick was the son of Thomas J. and Ida Alice (Sheetz) Didawick. His wife was the daughter of W.L. and Marilla (Keller) Burner. They…
Photo of a photo of Betsy Bowman Sheetz posed on the grass outside.
Photograph of workers in Asa A. Sheetz' apple orchard west of Woodstock on Narrow Passage Creek. Identified are (l to r): Edgar Kibler, Darus Kibler, Hugh Peters, ?, ?, Asa A Sheetz (behind grader), Noah Sheetz, ?, ?, ?, ?, John Swartz and Jacob…
Photograph of the Artz siblings identified as (l to r) standing: John P. Artz, Alice (Artz) See Isner, and Lois (Artz) Sheetz. Douglas S. Artz is seated in front.

The name, "Jim Artz" was written on the glass plate of this image.
Portrait of Elizabeth Ann (Sheetz) Bauserman as a young woman.

Elizabeth grew up on Spring Street in Woodstock and was the oldest child of Edgar Simon (1892-1964) and Pearl Mabel (Ruby) (1892-1981) Sheetz. She had two younger brothers, Hallie and…
Portrait of Kenny Sheetz, unmarried, and the daughter of William Henry Sheetz.
Helen Kibler Markley as a 9 month old. She lived on W. High Street in Woodstock and was the daughter of Noah Kibler and Gertie Sheetz Kibler. She also had a brother named Ray Kibler.
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