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Photograph of a paper marriage document that shows significant damage.

The name, "L.A. Fadely" and "M. Shipe" are visible as is the place, Washington County, Maryland.
Photograph of Nancy Clark Fadely.
Portrait of Annabelle Polk as a young woman.

Annabelle lived in Edinburg and was the daughter of Lester Earl (1899-1994) and Margie Jane (Fadeley) (1904-1990) Polk.

In 1945, she married Walter David Clem (1923-1995), a 22-year old Navy man…
Ernest Coffman, Sr., was the husband of Lou Hammer and father of Geneva Conger, Hazel Fadely, Virginia Coffman, Ernestine Mitchell, Madge Clark, Christine Barrick, Ernest Coffman, Jr., and Thomas Coffman.

Subject worked as a U.S. postal clerk, …
Pictured (l to r) are: Margaret Clem Fadely Tysinger, Edward Hottle, and Mate Clem Lemaster. Edward Hottle was the girls' grandfather.
Damaged photograph of the paper birth certificate issued by the Department of Commerce stating that Ray Locke Fadely, male, was born on February 17, 1941. His father's name was Glenn Locke Fadely but the mother's name is obscured by the emulsion…
Portrait of Bertie May Carrier Rhinehart holding her very young daughter, Virginia M. Rhinehart Rutz.

Bertie was the daughter of Samuel V. (1851-1930) and Virginia Lind (Miller) (1857-1917) Carrier. She married George Rolle Rhinehart (1874-1945)…

This is a family register belonging to the Fadely family. The register was a page from the family Bible. The page lists names and dates of births.

The page lists Sybilla Fadely, who was born April 20, 1828; Uriah Jonathan Fadely, who was born…

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