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Portrait of Lionel Clyde "Buddy" Mitchell wearing his MMA school uniform. The patch on his shoulder indicates he served in the Army ROTC.

Buddy spent most of his life in the military as his obituary in the Northern Virginia Daily (December 16,…
Portrait of Daisy Lee (Mitchell) Robinson in her middle years wearing her hair back and glasses.

Daisy was one of twelve children born to John Newton (1854-1929) and Ida Belle (Palmer) (1861-1940) Mitchell. She grew up near Waterlick, in the Forks…
Ernest Coffman, Sr., was the husband of Lou Hammer and father of Geneva Conger, Hazel Fadely, Virginia Coffman, Ernestine Mitchell, Madge Clark, Christine Barrick, Ernest Coffman, Jr., and Thomas Coffman.

Subject worked as a U.S. postal clerk, …
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