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The name, "Rev. W.S. Tongue", the town, "Edinburg", and the date, "7/7/4?" are written on the glass plate of this image of a young man in a suit and tie.

Wrightson Samuel Tongue was a Methodist Minister, born in Kingston, New York. His parents…
Postcard showing a car crossing the Massanutten Mountains on the Lee Highway (US Route 211). The highway crosses the mountain at the New Market Gap.
Postcard showing a view of the Massanutten Mountain, east of New Market Virginia, taken from the Lee Highway (US Route 211.
Postcard showing a view of the Lee Highway as it crosses Massanutten Mountain near New Market Virginia. Includes a description of the highway and the place where it crosses the mountain.
Postcard showing the New Market Gap. Photograph is taken from the Lee Highway.
Postcard showing the Lee Highway as it passes through the New Market Gap near New Market Virginia.
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