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Gyneth Kibler pictured as a young girl. Her father was Clarence Kibler and she married Bill Pence.
Portrait of Eugene Pence as a young man. He was the son of Gilbert Pence, an attorney.
Portrait of Clara Haun Pence as a young woman.

Clara was the daughter of Milton L. and Nina F. Haun.

She was a 1951 graduate of Edinburg High School. She married her high school sweetheart, Marvin Clinton Pence, Jr. (1933-2014) later that year.…
The name, "Harry Pence" is written on the glass plate of this photograph of a U.S. Soldier and an unidentified young woman beside him.
Photograph of three sisters identified as (l to r) Margaret Anne Branner Olinger, Lillian Sue Branner Pence, and Nancy Grey Branner Driver Stewart.

Their parents were Allen and Pauline (Theis) Branner and they grew up in the New Market area.
Portrait of Omar Fravel, Jr., brother of Hugh Fravel, as a young man.

Omar was from Woodstock, the son of Omar H. Fravel Sr. and Mettie (Pence) Fravel. In the 1940 census, Omar lived with his parents and younger brother, Hugh, on Commerce Street.…
Portrait of Louise Burner Pence wearing her hair back.
Photo of a photograph of Matilda Catherine (Fadeley) Rhinehart, seated, with (standing l to r) John William Coffelt (Matilda's son-in-law), his wife and Matilda's daughter, Lue Rhinehart Coffelt, and their daughter (Matilda's granddaughter), Olive…
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