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Portrait of Grace Johnson Morrison, wife of Hugh Morrison Jr.
Family photograph of George Edward, Sr., and his wife, Mary (Harrington) Morrison seated on a bench outside. Both are looking at their son, George E. Morrison, Jr., who is standing by his mother.

George Sr. was the son of photographer Hugh Jr.…
The name, "Johnson" is written on the glass plate of this image of a naked little boy lying on his tummy.
Portrait of Gloria Crabill as a young woman. She grew up in Strasburg and was the daughter of the late Ralph B. and Eula E. Crabill.

Gloria graduated from Strasburg High School and Winchester Business College. She was employed as a secretary at…
Portrait of Omar Fravel, Jr., brother of Hugh Fravel, as a young man.

Omar was from Woodstock, the son of Omar H. Fravel Sr. and Mettie (Pence) Fravel. In the 1940 census, Omar lived with his parents and younger brother, Hugh, on Commerce Street.…
Portrait of Marvin Landon "Buddy" Johnson (1926-2003) as a boy. He was the son of Thomas L. and Martha Ellen (Strosnider) Johnson. His father ran a grocery store in Strasburg. Marvin took it over after his father died.
Photo of an older photograph of Grace Elma (Johnson) Morrison as a young woman.
Portrait of a young Grace E. Johnson Morrison posed with her hands on her hips and the front of her dress covered in roses.
Portrait of Pearl Solicitine (Dyer) Spinner as a young woman.

Pearl was born to Henry Thomas (1898-1965) and Virginia R. (Mayberry) (1909-1985) Dyer. She grew up on Water Street in Woodstock. The 1940 census found her living with her parents, the…
Hugh Morrison, Jr., with his wife, Grace E. Johnson, seated in their backyard garden. Hugh and Grace were married in 1899. The family dog sits at their feet.
Photograph of a bed of blooming tulips located in the front of a house and below its front porch. The tulips belonged to Grace Elma Johnson Morrison.
Photograph of a bed of blooming tulips belonging to Grace Elma Johnson Morrison. The blooms are below a covered porch. A cracked sidewalk is visible in front of the flowers.
Photograph of Jo Johnson Halpert and Mary Sue Murdock Snarr as young girls.
Photograph of a letter dated June 10, 1935, from the War Department granting the appointment of 1st Lieutenant Loren George Johnson, who lived at 1011 2nd Corso, Nebraska City, Nebraska.
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