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Photo of a photograph of Charlie Thompson standing in the studio and wearing his U.S. Navy uniform.

Charlie was the son of George Will Thompson And
Mary Frances Frye.

He served in WWII and later married Jean Marie Artz. They had five…
Jean Marie (Artz) Thompson, seated in the studio with her three children posed around her. They are (l to r): Mickey, baby Linda, and Allen.

Jean's husband was Charles Thompson.
Portrait of Charlie and Jean Thompson. Charlie is wearing his U.S. Navy uniform in this photograph.
Photograph of Charles "Charlie" Thompson wearing a U.S. Navy uniform and seated on a bench with his wife, Jean Thompson, beside him.

Three of their five children are shown: Mickey Thompson, Charles Allen Thompson Jr., and Linda Thompson Reid.…
Photograph of Charles "Charlie" Thompson in his U.S. Navy uniform. Charlie lived on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Piccadilly Street in Edinburg. He was a painter and carpenter by trade and was related to C.E. Thompson. Charlie's wife's name was…
Portrait of Martha Ritenour Thompson as a young woman with a flower in her hair.
The name, "E.F. Thompson" appears on the glass plate for this image of a young man wearing a suit and tie.
Photo of a photograph of Ella Dyer Thompson standing outside and holding two cats in her arms.

IMAG0269 - Copy.jpg
Mary Lou Polk Thompson was known for her involvement with the community and C.E. Thompson’s, an Edinburg building supply company that her husband was part owner of.

Born on July 22, 1933 she moved to a house just south of Edinburg in 1961…
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