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Clyde Maynard Ritenour, seated, with his wife, Isabel (Clem) Ritenour standing beside him.

The couple was from Fort Valley.
Portrait of Ralph Bowers wearing his U.S. Army uniform and seated beside his wife, Lillian (Ritenour) Bowers.
Portrait of Dorothy Ritenour wearing her hair short and three strands of faux pearls.

Dorothy never married and operated "Dorothy's Variety Store" in Woodstock.
Portrait of Dorothy Ritenour wearing a brooch at her neck.

Dorothy never married and ran "Dorothy's Variety Store" in Woodstock.
Photograph of Walter Nathaniel Jett as a young man.

Walter was born in Fort Valley to William Clarence and Lucy (Ritenour) Jett. He married Beulah Esta Huffman, also from Fort Valley, in 1923, and they had 8 children together.

Walter was…
Heavily damaged portrait of Helen (Middleton) Ritenour. She was the daughter of George Lewis Middleton (1894-1961) and Ada Lee Strosnider (1891-1972), from Strasburg.

At just 19, she married Harold Lee Ritenour (1925-1994), a 19-year old U.S.…
Photograph of the four Lichliter sisters, all from Detrick in Fort Valley. Identified as (l to r): Georgie F. Shipe, Reva Mae Lichliter, Anna Lee Ritenour, and Thelma Shiflett. All are buried in Detrick Cemetery in Fort Valley.

Their parents were…
Photograph of Hunter Lee Ritenour who was then a resident of the Dry Run community in Fort Valley Virginia.

The name, "Wesley Ritenour", is written on the glass plate of this image. Wesley Ritenour was Hunter Ritenour's father.
Portrait of Elizabeth Ritenour Coby as a young woman. There are aerial gunner wings visible on her lapel.

Elizabeth lived in the Fishers Hill community near Strasburg Virginia.
Photograph of Harvey Hoffman standing beside his wife, Alice (Crabill) Hoffman.

The couple married in May 1947 so this photograph was taken a couple of years after their wedding.

Harvey was the son of Walter Harvey and Martha Jane (Clem)…
Photograph of two unidentified children.

The glass negative is labeled "Ritenour."
Photograph of Laura Ritenour standing with one hand behind her back.

Laura was the daughter of Marcus (1851-1916) and Virginia Catherine (Clem) (1852-1919) Ritenour. She was from Fort Valley.

She married twice. First husband was James William…
Photograph of Edward H. McClanahan on the arm of a chair and holding a hat in one hand.

Edward was from Fort Valley. He married twice. His first wife was Vollie Blanche Ritenour (1891-1916) but she died in her mid-twenties.

His second wife…
This Ritenour family portrait shows Bernice (Rhodes) Ritenour with her son, Bernard, on her lap, Opal is seated on her father's lap. Roy M. Ritenour is on the far right.
Portrait of Martha Ritenour Thompson as a young woman with a flower in her hair.
Photograph of Martha Lou Ritenour and her younger brother, Earl "Buddy" Ritenour.

Their parents were Earl Loudoun Ritenour, Sr. and Virgie (Miller) Ritenour.
John William Ritenour, Jr., seated, with his second wife, Mattie (Woods) Ritenour, standing beside him.
Portrait of Alese S. (Hoffman) Coffman as a young woman.

Alese was the daughter of Harry Cecil (1902-1964) and Golda E. (Ritenour) (1904-1927) Hoffman.

In the 1930 census, she lived with her parents and two brothers on Kibler Town Road in the…
Portrait of Walter W. Paige. Born in Waterlick on June 29, 1881, he married Bessie Ritenour and they lived in a white farmhouse in the northern end of Fort Valley. He died on March 15, 1968 and was buried in Dry Run.

In the 1930's, he built four…
Portrait of Fannie Myrtle Dinges Conner of Fort Valley and her daughter, Jeanette Conner Ritenour.
Portrait of Lillian Ritenour Bowers as a young woman.
Portrait of Alese S. (Hoffman) Coffman as a young woman.

Alese was the daughter of Harry Cecil (1902-1964) and Golda E. (Ritenour) (1904-1927) Hoffman.

In the 1930 census, she lived with her parents and two brothers on Kibler Town Road in the…
Photograph of John Tyler Ritenour wearing a suit and tie and seated on a bench.

John was the son of Milton Ritenour and his wife, Martha Jane (Burner) Ritenour. He married Natalie and had a brother, Roy, and three sisters, Ollie, Catherine, and…
Photograph of Mark Ritenour seated on a bench and wearing a suit and tie.

Mark worked in Tennessee for many years as the head of a lumber company.

He retired to Shenandoah County where, as of 2004, he lived on the corner of Route 11 and Hoover…
The name, "Ritenour", is written on the glass plate of this image of a young man standing beside a bench.
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