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Portrait of George Martin Miller in his U.S. Army uniform.

George was born in Jerome to Pius Martin (1876-1952) and Rebecca Frances (Nesselrodt) (1885-1969) Miller, a farming couple.

He married in April 1937 in Mt. Jackson. His bride was…
Photograph of John Addison Saum and his wife, Emma Ella (Wagniere) Saum.

John grew up in Edinburg. His father, Hugh Saum (1870-1943) owned and operated a hardware store. John’s mother was Mattie C. (Whitmer) Saum (1873-1961).

In June 1928,…
Photograph of a text page describing a four-month loan extended to Harry D. Whitmer by the Peoples' Bank of Mt. Jackson on the 19th of February, 1944. A piece of property was put up as collateral.
Norman Elmo Whitmer married Catherine Lucille Cleary on March 27, 1948. This was their wedding photograph.
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