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Portrait of an unidentified man wearing a U.S. Army Air Corps uniform. The insignia on his uniform indicates he was part of an air crew.
Portrait of George Martin Miller in his U.S. Army uniform.

George was born in Jerome to Pius Martin (1876-1952) and Rebecca Frances (Nesselrodt) (1885-1969) Miller, a farming couple.

He married in April 1937 in Mt. Jackson. His bride was…
Portrait of the Didawick family posed in studio.

Standing, left to right: Charles and Guy Didawick. Seated, left to right: Raymond and Florence Didawick.

Charles L. Franklin is wearing his U.S. Army Air Force uniform and Guy Franklin Didawick…
Portrait of an unidentified man wearing a U.S. Army Air Force uniform with the rank of Corporal.
Portrait of Stanley Tobias Clem (1927-2009) wearing his Civil Air Patrol uniform. The markings on his shoulder indicate he was a cadet in this photo.

Stanley was one of at least ten children born to Tobias Samuel (1887-1957) and Maggie Catherine…
Portrait of Marvin Middleton in his Aviation Cadet uniform. The note, "Love To All Marvin" is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Marvin grew up on “A” Street in Strasburg, the oldest child of George L. (1894-1961) and Ada Lee…
Photo of a photograph of Col. Edgar "Buck" Headley in his U.S. Army uniform that indicates he was an Aviation Cadet.
Photo of a photograph of an unidentified young man in a U.S. Army uniform. Insignia on the uniform indicate he was a member of the U.S. Army Air Force.
Portrait of Charles F. Lichliter wearing his U.S. Army Air Force uniform.

Charles was from Strasburg, the third of at least six children born to Walter Franklin (1883-1962) and Mary Catherine (Fishel) (1884-1974) Lichliter.

In 1920, the census…
Photograph of Stanley Tobias Clem (on the left) with his arm around Perry T. Heishman, both from Edinburg.

Both are wearing Civil Air Patrol Uniforms.
The name "Dyer" was written on the glass plate of this image showing ten unidentified airmen in front of a WWII era airplane.
Left to right: Raymond, Charles, and Florence Didawick.

Obscured person on far left is unidentified but was probably Guy Franklin Didawick, Charles' younger brother.

Charles is pictured in his U.S. Army Air Corps uniform. He went to Woodstock…
Portrait of William Norman Sr., from Woodstock, wearing his Air Corps uniform. He retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Colonel.
Richard A. Helsey, on the left, with his younger brother, Terry L. Helsey. The wings pictured on Richard's lapel indicated he was an Aviation Cadet. He was sworn into the Army Air Corps on March 9, 1944.
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