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Portrait of Edwin Brown, who went by Percy, as a young man. He was valedictorian at Woodstock High School.

Percy Brown was born in Carmel, an unincorporated place located within Fort Valley. His parents were James William and Martha C. Brown, a…
Portrait of Grace (Senseney) Brown as a young woman wearing a short-sleeved dress with a flowered print on it.
Photograph of William N. Brown as a young man and wearing a striped suit.
Photograph of Isaac William Munch Brown and Golda M. Munch Brown.

The couple were husband and wife and lived in Fort Valley Virginia, in the area of St. David's Church.

They were the parents of Elsie, Earl, Narvel, and Lois Brown.
Margaret Ann (Brown) Mauck, shown standing beside her husband, George Henry Mauck, who is seated.

Both were from Columbia Furnace and they married in 1896.
Portrait of a the Reverend Francis Alan Brown. He was a rector of Emanuel Episcopal Church in Woodstock, Mt. Jackson, and Shrinemount.
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