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Portrait of William Tamkin, long-time resident of Fort Valley. His parents were John and Catherine Virginia (Spitzer) Tamkin. He had a sister, Josephine, and a brother, James.

In April 1885, Mr. Tamkin married Mary Ellen Brill (1866-1908) and had…
Photograph of Isaac William Munch Brown and Golda M. Munch Brown.

The couple were husband and wife and lived in Fort Valley Virginia, in the area of St. David's Church.

They were the parents of Elsie, Earl, Narvel, and Lois Brown.
Portrait of Elder William Peters later in his life. In this photograph, he is seated on a chair with an open book on his lap. He is best remembered as having organized and help build the Church of the Brethren in Fort Valley. This church is also…
Portrait of Charles Franklin Plauger, of Fort Valley. His wife was Grace Mae Munch.
Photograph of Isabell Frances Lichliter (later Shillingburg) of Fort Valley Virginia.
Portrait of Walter W. Paige. Born in born in Tunbridge Wells England on June 29, 1881, he married Bessie Ritenour and they lived in a white farmhouse in the northern end of Fort Valley. He died on March 15, 1968 and was buried in Dry Run.

In the…
Portrait of Kemper Clay Powell of Fort Valley, Virginia. He was married to Zola Munch in 1917.
Portrait of Fay (Tamkin) Coates from Fort Valley as a young woman and wearing a lovely white dress.
Phillip and Molly Crisman pictured on the front porch of their home on South Fort Valley Road in Ft. Valley. Large flowering bush is in the foreground.
Portrait of Perry Garnett Coverstone, of Fort Valley, as a young man.

Perry Garnett Coverstone was still single when he registered for the WWI draft. His emergency contact was listed as “Mrs. D.F. Frederick, Postmaster, Waterlick”. At that time,…
The Fort Valley School Building is no longer standing.
Picture of the school in Fort Valley, Virginia.
George Alva Boyer, on the left, was the last Confederate Veteran living in Woodstock. He died in 1935. The other man is also a Boyer, from the Fort Valley. Child is unidentified.
Portrait of George Alva Boyer on the left, the last Confederate Veteran living in Woodstock. He died in 1935. The other man is also a Boyer. He was from the Fort Valley. Child is unidentified.

Hazel Woodville.jpg
1974 photograph of Hazel Woodville, a resident of Shenandoah County Virginia.

Photograph showing the "Fort Brick Church" in Fort Valley Virginia. The image is undated. It is located in a photograph album that was maintained by Arlene Strickler.

This church and Trinty Church (pictured in the background) are currently home…

Kaye Shelton and her husband Les moved to Shenandoah County from Arlington County in 1973.

Prior to that, Kaye had worked for the Arlington County Police Department as their secretary for 27 years.

The couple found established retirement home…

Photograph showing "employees, and members of their families and friends, of the Shenandoah Publishing House and the Northern Virginia Daily" at a picnic at Elizabeth Furnace in Powell's Fort Valley (now Fort Valley Virginia).

The individuals in…

Photograph showing the Slate Hill School in Fort Valley as it appeared in a 1939 insurance survey of Shenandoah County School. In the report the school is described as a "one story frame building with a tin roof, stone foundation, wood sheeting…

Copy of a letter sent from Franklin D. Roosevelt to A (Absalom) Willis Robertson concerning the possible closure of Camp Roosevelt, the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp located near Edinburg Virginia. Robertson at the time was the Congressional…

Letter from S.D. Crude, resident engineer for the Virginia Department of Highways, to J.W. Garner of the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors. The letter informs Garner and the board that the state department of transportation had received approval…
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing an aerial view of Fort Valley Virginia.
Scan of a photograph showing Jack Boyer of Fort Valley Virginia.
Scan of a photograph showing Ella Boyer of Fort Valley Virginia in 1900.
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