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John Bushong wearing a suit and standing beside a wicker chair.

John was the son of John Michael (1819-1897) and Lydia (Hahn) (1824-1894) Bushong of Saumsville.
Portrait of Emery Franklin Bushong standing beside his wife, Sarah E. (Wisman) Bushong.

This photograph was taken around the time of their marriage.

Emery Franklin Bushong was born at the old Bushong homeplace in Harrisville, Shenandoah…
Portrait of Gilbert Franklin Bushong as a young man.

As of 2009, Gilbert was still living in Woodstock.
Photograph of the paper receipt produced by Dr. Roy C. Fravel for a $29 house call dated 1949.

The call may have been to a Mrs. Emily or Emery Bushong, but it cannot be confirmed.
Photograph of a page from a book or bible listing Keister births, deaths, and marriages. The three wives of Adam Keister, Sr. from Strasburg, are included. A transcription follows:

Besco Russell Keister was born Janry 7 at 2:15 p.m. 1881

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sarah (Wisman) Bushong holding her first-born son, William Lee Bushong.

Lizzie was the daughter of William Luther (1859-1908) and Sarah A. (Doll) (1857-1930) Wisman. She was the third of four children born to the couple. In the…
Photo of two separate photographs of William Lee Bushong on horseback.

Lee was the son of Emery Franklin (1889-1949) and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sarah (Wisman) (1889-1972) Bushong. He grew up with three brothers on a farm in the Stonewall District of…
Garland Wisman Bushong standing on a chair as a young boy.

His parents were Emery Franklin (1889-1949) and Elizabeth Sarah (Wisman) (1889-1972) Bushong.
Portrait of Charles Bernard Getz (who went by Bernard) as a young man wearing a suit and tie with a high starched collar.

Bernard was born to Charles Monroe (1864-1937) and Annie Maria (Jones) (1864-1930) Getz. His family lived and farmed near…
William "Lee" Bushong as a young child standing on a chair.

Lee was the son of Emery Franklin (1889-1949) and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sarah (Wisman) (1889-1972) Bushong. He grew up with three brothers on a farm in the Stonewall District of the…
The name, "Miss Bushong" is written on the plate of this image of a woman wearing a brooch and glasses with her hair pulled back.
Photograph of the Honorable Discharge form used by the Army for Pfc Garland W. Bushong. He was born on February 16, 1922, in Woodstock and received the Bronze Star and other medals for his service in Italy during WWII.
Photograph of a U.S. Army honorable discharge certificate for Private First Class Garland W. Bushong, who served with Company G of the 86 Mountain Infantry. Certificate was presented to Private Bushong at the Separation Center of Fort Meade, Maryland…
Photograph of the Bushong Farm located in the New Market Battlefield State Historical Park north of New Market, Virginia. The Federal-styled home was built in 1825 to accommodate Jacob Bushong and Sarah Strickler's growing family.

The 1864…
Photograph of (l to r): Edward Newton Frye and Emery Franklin Bushong standing in the studio in their work clothes.

Ed Frye married Cleva Alice Wisman (1884-1928) and Emery Bushong married her sister, Sarah Elizabeth Wisman (1889-1972).

Ed and…
Photograph of William “Lee” Bushong seated on a stool and wearing cowboy boots. He is remembered for his lifelong work with horses.

Lee was the son of Emery Franklin (1889-1949) and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sarah (Wisman) (1889-1972) Bushong. He grew up…
Portrait of Katie Virginia (Bushong) Shrum as a young woman.

Katie was the daughter of Aaron Allen (1863-1935) and Rebecca (Bauserman) (1858-1934) Bushong. In the 1900 census, she and her parents lived at her mother’s family’s home in the Davis…

Two photographs labeled "Growing Up Days of Joseph Locke Bushong." Joseph was born in New Market in 1884 and was a member of the family that resided in the Bushong House that is now part of the New Market Battlefield. He later moved to Manassas…
Postcard showing the Bushong House located on what is now the New Market Battlefield. The postcard is in color and was produced in 1906 by Henkel & Co., printers in New Market Virginia.
Postcard showing the Bushong house located on the New Market Battlefield.
Postcard showing a painting of the Bushong House owned and occupied by Jacob Bushong during the Battle of New Market. Includes a description of the house, history of the family, and an account of the battle.
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