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Portrait of Eva (Sager) Hottel sitting in studio with her young son, John Edward Hottel, on her lap.

Eva (Sager) Hottel:

Eva was the daughter of Jess Luther and Lula (Borden) Sager, a farming family. In 1931, she married John Paul Hottel…
Portrait of John Edward Hottel at approximately one year of age. He is standing on a chair in studio.

John was a son of John and Eva (Sager) Hottel and the oldest of five children. He graduated from Woodstock High School in 1949 and went into the…
Mary and Ruth Hollingsworth, posed together, outside a house.

We do not know which sister is which.

Their parents were Alfred Reese and Mary (Hockman) Hollingsworth.
Ruth and Mary Hollingsworth posed together outside of a house.

We do not know which sister is which.

Their parents were Alfred Reese and Mary (Hockman) Hollingsworth.
Stanley Hollar shown with his family, his wife, Dora (Hottel) Hollar and their daughter, Elsie Hollar.

The name, "Hollar", is written on the glass plate.
Ann Katharine (Hottel) Benchoff as a young woman.
Portrait of Ann Katharine (Hottel) Benchoff as a young woman.
Family photograph showing Ann Dirting Hottel (left), Thomas Hottel Sr. (rear), Ida Belle Hottel Fravel (right) and Charles Monroe Fravel (infant).

The individuals are four generations of a single family with Ann being the mother of Ida who is the…
Photograph of Ida Fravel (left), Charles Monroe Fravel (infant), Thomas Hottel Sr. (rear) and Ann Dirting Hottel (right),

The individuals are four generations of a single family with Ann being the mother of Ida who is the mother of Thomas who is…
Portrait of Virginia Spiker Hottel as a young woman.

It is likely the photograph was taken about the time she graduated from Toms Brook High School.

Virginia was born in Maurertown to Sydney and Flossie (Borden) Spiker.

She became a nurse…
Durus Calvin Hottel as a young man standing beside a wicker chair in the studio.

His parents were Calvin and Rebecca (Beydler) Hottel.
Durus lived in the Zion Church area, just east of Maurertown. He was a farmer and served on the Board of…
Photograph of James Franklin Wetzel as a boy, posed cheek-to-cheek with his mother, Drucilla (Hottel) Wetzel.

James lived in Woodstock as a boy, but spent his later years in Edinburg. He finished high school and served in the U.S. Army during WWII…
Portrait of Earl and Charlotte Rinker posed in studio with their baby son, Randolph. Mr. Rinker is wearing his U.S. Army uniform.

In addition to serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, Mr. Rinker worked for Sealtest Foods for 20 years.…
Photograph of (l to r) Sadie B. (Hottel) Kingree and Frances Kirby.

Sadie was born in Shenandoah County and was a daughter of the late Daniel and Joanna Wolverton Hottel and married, for a time, to Eugene Kingree. She was a member of Saumsville…
Portrait of Charles Fravel with his wife, Mabel.

Charles grew up in Woodstock, the son of Thomas Hottel Fravel (1890-1949) and Cary (Funkhouser) (1881-1945) Fravel.

In 1940, he worked as an assistant to mortician, V.L. Dellinger. When he…
Portrait of Eva (Sine) Hottel as a young woman with her hair pulled up.

Eva was the daughter of Wilbur F. (1866-1926) and Ida Adelia (Wright) (1866-1936) Sine. She was the oldest of seven children born in the Johnston District of Shenandoah…
Photograph of three generations: Ann (Dirting) Hottel (front right), her daughter, Effa Lee (Hottel) Will (front left), and her granddaughter, Nellie R. (Will) Reid (middle).

Effa Will and her daughter Nellie R. Will Reid lived in Grand Junction…
Large group of people assembled for a reunion picnic at what is now the Hottel-Keller Memorial site off Back Road near Mt. Olive. The words, "Hottel-Keller Memorial Association" and the date, "Aug. 23rd, 1934" appear on the glass plate.
Photograph of Mildred Hottel, of Woodstock, holding an eagle and shotgun.

She killed the eagle with an H & R Shotgun. Hugh Morrison, Jr. sent a copy of this photograph to H & R for an advertisement, but the co-president, Edwin Harrington, sent…
Oscar Hottel farm located 2 miles east of Woodstock near Reservoir Road.

Pictured left to right are: Allie Feagans Hottel, her husband, Charles Hottel, their daughter, Helen Hottel Fahnestock, and their son, W. Jacob Hottel.

Some of the…
Portrait of Nan Roller Golliday (1889-1972), daughter of William Edgar and Emma Jane (Hottel) Roller. She married Ernest Earl Golladay (1888-1958) in December 1912. When she died, she left behind a daughter, Jane Swartz, and a son, Ernest R.…
Portrait of Dr. Roy Clyde Fravel (1882-1951), son of Charles F. and Ida (Hottel) Fravel. He married Adelaide Smith and their only son, Peyton Fravel, was killed during WWII in France. Dr. Fravel is buried in Massanutten Cemetery in Woodstock.
Portrait of Elsie Orndorff who married Reese Hottel.
Photograph of Dorothy (McWilliams) Sheetz, of Toms Brook, as a young woman.

Her parents were Samuel David and Ella May (Hottel) McWilliams.

Dorothy married Granville Ray Sheetz in December 1941, not long after this photograph was taken.
Portrait of Elsie Orndorff as a young woman. She later married Reese Hollingsworth Hottel (born on October 31, 1916) from Woodstock but she was from the Cedar Creek area of Shenandoah County.
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