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"The Record," a publication produced monthly by the Woodstock Reformed Church Charge.

This edition is Volume II, Number 9 and is dated March 1912.

It includes information about services, financial transactions, and church groups.
Postcard showing St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Toms Brook Virginia.

This church pictured here was built in 1905 on what is now Main Street and is still in use by the congregation.
Postcard with a picture of what is now the United Methodist Church in Woodstock Virginia.
Color postcard with a picture of the Samuel L. Laughlin Presbyterian Memorial Chapel in Woodstock Virginia.

This building still stands as part of the Presbyterian Church complex on E. Court Street in Woodstock.
Postcard with a picture of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church located on Main Street in Mt. Jackson Virginia.
Postcard showing Flat Rock Church of the Brethren near Timberville Virginia
Postcard showing the Flatrock Church of the Brethren near Timberville Virginia
Postcard with a picture of the Strasburg Christian Church located on what is now High Street.

This photo was taken before 1912 when a major renovation altered the appearance of the 1872 church building.
Color postcard with a picture of the Methodist Church in Strasburg Virginia.

Photograph and letter sent to Margaret "Daisy" Hickman from Charles Kessler Coffman in reference to a rose bush Charles had placed on the grave of Margaret's mother Angeline Campbell.

Angeline's grave is located in the "Old" Columbia Furnace Union…
Postcard showing the Manor Memorial Methodist Church in New Market Virginia. The congregation dates to 1788 and the current structure was built in 1857 and remodeled in 1931.
Postcard showing Mt. Zion Lutheran Church located in Ridge Road near New Market Virginia.

The postcard is dated 1978.

Letter sent from the Pastor and Consistory of the Edinburg Charge of the Evangelical and Reformed Church to congregational members concerning Easter week services and church events. The letter is dated March 17, 1949
Postcard showing the United Brethren Church in Singers Glen Virginia and their pastor G.B. Fadley
Postcard showing a picture of Main Street in Toms Brook Virginia. St. Peter's Lutheran Church is visible.
Postcard showing the Reformation Lutheran Church in New Market Virginia. Card shows both an exterior shot of the building, constructed in 1955, and an interior view.
1921 photograph showing African American musicians and performers in costume and blackface for a production of “Virginia Minstrels” that benefited Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock Virginia.

Identified in the photograph are:

Front row,…
Postcard with a picture of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church located on Main Street in Mt. Jackson Virginia.
Photographic postcard showing the "Methodist Episcopal Church South" in Mt. Jackson Virginia and neighboring buildings.

The street shown is today called Orkney Drive. The photograph is facing west from Main Street (Valley Pike)
Postcard with a color photograph of the Mt. Jackson M.E. Church, South. Now the Mt. Jackson United Methodist Church.
Photo of Reverend Polk superimposed onto photo of Mt. Zion Methodist Church.

The church is located at the intersection of Church and Locust Streets in Woodstock, VA and is a historically black church.
Photograph of Strasburg Presbyterian Church located at 325 S. Holliday Street in Strasburg, Virginia. Dedicated in 1830, it was used as a hospital by Federal troops during the Civil War.
Unidentified chapel showing large stained glass window, arched columns, and two sections of wooden pews.
Black and white image of the stained glass window located inside Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Woodstock Virginia.
Woodstock Presbyterian church hidden somewhat by a row of shade trees growing along the unpaved street. Church windows and door are arched.
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