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Letter from George W. Graham of A. Spencer & Co. Real Estate Agents, Harpers Ferry West Virginia, to R.D. Newland of Hamburg (Shenandoah County) Virginia.

The letter inquires about Newlands ability, and price, to supply lumber for the…

Letter sent from Daniel Shockey to R.D. Newland, Hamburg Virginia. Shockey appears to be writing from the Hotel Evans in Winchester Virginia.

Letter sent from "Betty Saufard" of Orange Virginia to Margaret Revere Hoffman Hoffman of Woodstock concerning their upcoming semester at Madison College (now James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia) and the "A. A. sports carnival" to be…

Letter from "John Scholl & Bro., Inc." of Reade Street in New York City to W.H. Baker of Toms Brook Virginia dated March 27, 1925. It concerns a damaged shipment of eggs.

W.H. Baker operated a general store and egg distribution business on Back…

Letter sent from Samuel B. Myers to his Uncle John Wissler about the purchase of Union Forge, an iron producing forge located near Edinburg Virginia.

The letter was sent from Henrietta Furnace, another iron furnace owned by Myers and Wissler near…

Letter sent from "Weston & Anderson, Civil Engineering" located in Wilmington Delaware to W.R. Merrian, President of the Liberty Iron Furnace Company.

The letter references the decision to no longer pursue a possible extension of the Liberty Iron…
Letter dated October 3, 1917, from Hugh Morrison, to the Ansco Company in Binghamton, New York, cancelling his order of 5000 printed Soft Cyko Post cards. The letter also outlines the difficulties Morrison was having with the product he had already…
Photograph of two separate legal documents.

The top half of the image is part of a will signed by "M.C. Rickard" from near Calvary on 16 June 1906. The document leaves to Mary E. Howers and her four children the lot at Calvary on which there was…

Letter sent by Christian Wissler to his brother John Wissler. Dated January 25, 1861.

The letter discusses business transactions. the weather, travel, and the political climate. At the time the Wisslers were involved in managing several iron…

Letter from Mary Jane Noel of Vaucouleurs, Meuse, France, to Charlotte Sheetz of Edinburg, Virginia, USA.

The letter discusses the war and Charlotte's son Don L. Sheetz who had become acquainted with Mary Jane Noel while serving in France.

Photograph and letter sent to Margaret "Daisy" Hickman from Charles Kessler Coffman in reference to a rose bush Charles had placed on the grave of Margaret's mother Angeline Campbell.

Angeline's grave is located in the "Old" Columbia Furnace Union…

Letter from William Tisinger to John Gatewood. Gatewood was editor of the "Sentinel of the Valley," a newspaper published in Woodstock Virginia ca. 1845. The letter appears to reference an article, written by "Tyro," that appeared in the Sentinel at…

Envelope and letter written by John Wisman of Woodstock to R.H. Newland of Hamburg Virginia. Dated August 15, 1889.

The letter concerns a construction debt owed by Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock to Newland.

Letter sent by Shenandoah County resident Christopher Fansler to Mary C. Fansler in August 1863. At the time Christopher, a native of Woodstock VA, was serving in the Confederate Army's 12th Cavalry Regiment and was stationed in Culpeper Virginia.…

Letter sent from Lantz and Lindamood, Hardwood and Pine Lumber Manufacturers in Strasburg Virginia, to W.R. Merriam, President of Liberty Iron Furnace, in regard to an unpaid bill for a shipment of lumber.

Letter sent from the Pastor and Consistory of the Edinburg Charge of the Evangelical and Reformed Church to congregational members concerning Easter week services and church events. The letter is dated March 17, 1949

August 16, 1909 letter sent from the Dedford Company of Luray Virginia to the Shenandoah Iron and Coal Company of Liberty Furnace in Shenandoah County Virginia. The letter details an amount of bark received by the Dedford Company, who operated a…

Letter from Laura G. White to Hamilton Ottawa Ferguson who she describes as her "uncle." Hamilton (H.O) Ferguson was a veteran of the Spanish American War who lived in Mt. Jackson Virginia. He died on September 25 1941 at the age of 75 and is buried…
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