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Portrait of Silas Kibler as a young man wearing a suit and tie.

Silas D. Kibler was the son of James Allen (1864-1949) and Mary Catherine (Hisey) (1863-1939) Kibler. He was from Woodstock and married Susie (Smoot) (1906-1991) Kibler.

Portrait of Carl Hisey and his wife Rena. Carl was the son of Samuel & Fannie Katherine (Miller) Hisey and worked as a mailman. He married Rena Baker, daughter of Snowden & Lucy Virginia (Grandstaff) Baker.

Together, they had two sons, Richard…
Photograph of C. P. Hisey, pharmacist in Edinburg. C. P. Hisey was married to Emma Evans, whose family owned two houses in Edinburg on the corner of Main and Center Streets. C. P. Hisey's pharmacy was located in one of these houses.
Portrait of Carl Hisey who worked for the U.S. Post Office.
Portrait of Charlotte Wisman Hisey wearing a blouse with a ruffled collar.
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