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Annie (Tisinger) Smoot seated on a bench with her two nieces, Virginia (left) and sister, Anita (right) Tisinger.

Virginia Tisinger was born west of Mt. Jackson and married William Ensor.
Portrait of Silas Kibler as a young man wearing a suit and tie.

Silas D. Kibler was the son of James Allen (1864-1949) and Mary Catherine (Hisey) (1863-1939) Kibler. He was from Woodstock and married Susie (Smoot) (1906-1991) Kibler.

Family photograph of Walter Calvin Wisman with his wife, Irene Dora (Saum) Wisman and their first born son, James.

Walter C. Wisman was a farmer in the Woodstock area of Shenandoah County. He was the son of Josiah Wisman and Annie D.…
Damaged family photograph of Walter Calvin Wisman with his wife, Irene Dora (Saum) Wisman and their three children: (l to r) James E. Wisman, Helen (Wisman) Logsdon, and Calvin S. Wisman.

Walter C. Wisman was a farmer in the Woodstock area of…
Group of female students seated on the steps of Woodstock High School. Some have been identified. They are: (Top row, l to r) Eunice Miller Willett and Beatrice Beidler; (2nd row, l to r) ?, ?, ?, Madeline Foltz; (3rd row, l to r) ?, Mildred Saum, ?,…
Portrait of Helen Virginia Boyer Ring (1909-1993). She was the daughter of Hugh Frank and Cora Virginia Smoot Boyer. In 1934, when she was 25 years old, she married Marion Brown "Bud" Ring (1909-1968) in Toms Brook. He lived in Woodstock and worked…
Portrait of Mary Miller as a young woman. Born in Calvary, Mary was the daughter of Charlie and Atha Sheetz Miller. She married Leonard Smoot. Their children were: Charles, Dickie, Leonard, Jr., and Betty Lou Stickley.
Portrait of Dr. Frank Wilson Gearing, Sr., son of Marcellus and Mary Santmiers Gearing. Frank was born in about 1892 and married his first wife, Bertha Whalley in 1917. They had two sons together: Frank Gearing Jr. and John K. Gearing. Bertha died…
Photograph of Joyce Herbaugh as a young girl.

Joyce was born in Zepp to Paul Jennings and Margaret Rebecca (Whittington) Herbaugh. She graduated from Woodstock High School and was working as a secretary when she married Robert Lee Wright…
Portrait of Garrett Smoot with his wife, Catherine Fadeley. Catherine went to Edinburg High School, graduating in 1940. Garrett is pictured wearing his U.S. Army uniform.
Photograph of the three Fadeley siblings as young children. Pictured left to right, are: Ola Mae, Katherine Marie “Kay”, and Warren Richard. Their parents were Lloyd Richard (1895-1953) and Ada Marie (Didawick) (1893-1979) Fadeley.

The 1940 census…
Arlene Smoot Dellinger Barb as a young woman. She was the daughter of Russell and Lula (Funkhouser) Smoot.
Ethel Irene (Stickley) Wisman, standing, and wearing white dress with her hands behind her back.

Ethel was born in St. Luke, the oldest child of Thomas Rosser (1864-1937) and Georgia Lee (Smoot) (1864-1949) Stickley, a farming couple.

Color postcard with an interior picture of the Walton and Smoot Drug Store's original building in Woodstock Virginia. Includes hand written note "Beefstew-Bar-cold beer."
Color postcard with a picture of the display windows at Walton and Smoot Drugstore.

The card is dated ca. 1914. At the time, the store was located on N. Main Street in Woodstock near the Historic Shenandoah County Courthouse.
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