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Portrait of six siblings, all of whom have been identified. Standing, (l to r): Philip Williams, Jr., Rebecca Williams, John P. Williams. Seated (l to r): Margaret P. Williams, William T. Williams, and Sarah (Williams) Nelson.

These were the…
Group photograph of the members of the 1914 Massanutten Academy's football team. They are assembled on the steps of a campus building. In the front center, a cadet is holding a football with the notation, "MA -14".

Pictured are, left to…
Photo of a photo of Burgess Nelson's home in Mt. Jackson. He had it built using a home in Roanoke as his inspiration. It was torn down in 2013.
Photograph of a photograph of a home in Mt. Jackson that was built by Burgess Nelson. Unfortunately, the home was torn down in 2013.
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing the Burgess Nelson home (on left) and his gas station located on the north end of Mt. Jackson Virginia. Today the site is home to Holtzman Corporation's offices.
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