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The name, "Nina Newland", is written on the box of plates.
The name, "Helen Didawick" is written on the glass plate of this image. This portrait is either of Helen Didawick Fleming or her sister, Betty Didawick Newland.
Photograph of Perry T. Heishman as a young man. He is wearing a uniform that indicates he was part of the Civilian Air Patrol.

Perry was born in Edinburg, Virginia, to Perry A. and Jessie (Newland) Heishman. The family farmed in the “Massanutten…
Portrait of William Paxton as a young boy.

Overexposed photograph of William Newland Paxton as a young boy holding a toy rifle.

William was born in Covington, Virginia, to Thomas Roscoe (1874-1946) and Margaret Garland (Newland) (1879-1975)…
Patricia (Fravel) Newland (seated) and her older sister, Shirley (Fravel) Wright , when they were young girls.

Their parents were Fred and Viola (Lucas) Fravel.

PXL_20230301_164637096 - Copy.jpg
Photograph published in the Shenandoah Herald newspaper noting Dorothy Ann Newland of Mt. Jackson had been selected to be the Honorary Fire Chief for the Mt. Jackson Fire Company.

At the time she was a sophomore at Mary Washington College…

Statement issued to R.D. Newland by Wightman and Hisey for 1 bushel of seeds. Dated June 31, 1895.

Letter sent from Daniel Shockey to R.D. Newland, Hamburg Virginia. Shockey appears to be writing from the Hotel Evans in Winchester Virginia.

Letter from George W. Graham of A. Spencer & Co. Real Estate Agents, Harpers Ferry West Virginia, to R.D. Newland of Hamburg (Shenandoah County) Virginia.

The letter inquires about Newlands ability, and price, to supply lumber for the…
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