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Portrait of Stanley Noah Helsley, Jr. (left) and his sister, Phyllis Helsley, as young children.

Another brother, Robert, was born after this photograph was taken. Their parents were Stanley N. Helsley Sr. and Mabel (Burner) Helsley, of…
Portrait of Roy Lee Kibler and his wife, Georgia Rhinehart, as a young couple.

Roy was the son of Noah Samuel and Gertrude (Sheetz) Kibler. He died unexpectedly of appendicitis after being married only 6 years leaving behind a daughter, Helen…
Portrait of Phyllis Helsley Ryan as a young woman.

Phyllis Anne Helsley, was a 1948 graduate of Edinburg High School and attended Palmer's Business School. Her parents were Stanley N. Helsley Sr. and Mabel (Burner) Helsley, of Edinburg.

She was…
Portrait of Louise Luttrell Ryan as a young woman.

Louise was the daughter of Jesse Ward (1891-1965) and Annie May (Heflin) (1927-2002) Luttrell. She grew up in Woodstock.

She married William Ryan (1927-2002) in Washington D.C., in 1946, not…
Photograph of Mabel (Burner) Helsley as a young woman.

She was married to Stanley Noah Helsley and they had three children: Stanley, Jr., Phyllis (who married Ray Ryan) and Robert "Bobby" Helsley.

The family lived in rural Edinburg.
Portrait of Blanche R. (Beedle) Ryan as a young woman, probably taken before she married.

Blanche was the youngest of six children. Her parents were Noah F. (1847-1927) and Margaret (Basye) (1846-1930) Beedle. Her father had served as a Private…
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