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Photographic postcard showing students and teachers at the Lantz Mill School.

The only identified person is Mamie May Santmiers Wilkins on the second row, sixth from left.

While the image is undated, based on Mamie's 1883 birthdate, it was…
Photograph of William Kirby Barr standing beside an ornate chair.

William was from the Alonzaville area near Saumsville and Maurertown. His wife was Laura Frances (Wilkins) (1867-1941) Barr and when he died, he left behind five daughters and three…
Photograph of Hazel B. (Helsley) Wilkins as a young woman.

Hazel was the daughter of George W. and Sarah Elizabeth (Lutz) Helsley. When she was about 2 years old, she was given to Jacob and Virginia (Sine) Miller, who raised her.

She married…
Photograph of (l to r) Virginia (Sine) Miller, her husband, Jacob W. Miller, and their foster daughter, Hazel Bertha Helsley.

Hazel was given to the Millers when she was 2 years old. Her biological parents were George W. Helsley and Sarah…
Photograph of Rufus Albert (R.A.) Wilkins, his wife Emeline Helsley Wilkins, and other family members with a cow and her twin calves in the foreground at “Sunnyside Farm” dated July 20, 1910.

Rufus Albert Wilkins owned and worked this farm on…
Portrait of William Harry Wilkins, Jr., as a young man.

He grew up on a farm on Back Road in the Stonewall District of Shenandoah County. His parents were William Harry Sr. (1884-1979) and Hester Edna Kavanaugh (or Cavinall) (1888-1962) Wilkins.…
Portrait of Helen Virginia (Gochenour) Wilkins, smiling slightly, and looking off to the side.

Helen was the daughter of John Robert "Rob" Gochenour and Effie Rebecca (Kipps) Gochenour.

She married Richard Gideon Wilkins and had three…
Photograph of Jacob and Lydia (Stout) Gochenour taken around the time of their marriage in 1940.

They had a son, Charles Gochenour, and an adopted daughter, Barbara Wilkins Gochenour.
Portrait of Nina Virginia (Brill) Ramsey as a young woman.

She was born in Lebanon Church, the daughter of the Howard Walton (1869-1947) and Annie Virginia (Wilkins) (1878-1957) Brill.
Portrait of Harry "Brillo" Brill as a young man.

Harry was the son of Howard Walton (1869-1947) and Anna Virginia (Wilkins) (1878-1957) Brill.

He is best remembered for having managed "Brill's Grocery Store" on King Street in Strasburg.
Photograph of Joycie (Grandstaff) Peer Wilkins, with her arms folded, beside Mary (Webster) Ryman.

Joycie was the daughter of James Booten and Mildred (Cook) Grandstaff. She grew up with at least four siblings.

She married Roy Lee Peer…
Group photograph of the Hoover family. Identified from left to right as: Zolia Mae, her father, George, Emmert, her mother, Catherine, and her younger sister, Lois.

George James Hoover was the son of James K. and Virginia (Coffelt) Hoover. He was…
The name, "Wilkins" is written on the glass plate of this image of a young child on a chair.

Probably, this was a child of John Robert Wilkins, who lived in the area at the time this photograph was taken.
The name, "Wilkins", appears on the glass negative of this photograph of a toddler.

Probably, this was the child of John Robert Wilkins.
Portrait of Rena Helen Barr Botkin, daughter of William Kirby Barr and Laura Wilkins. She died in Woodstock on November 3, 1986, at the age of 76 years.
Rufus Wilkins and Gertie Dellinger began dating (or as people used to say, "courtin"), after both had lost their spouses.
Photograph of Paul Lee LeDane, Sr. as a young boy.

Paul’s mother was Isabel E. Lichliter from Fort Valley. His father was Clarence LeRoy LeDane, from West Virginia.

By the time he was 9 years old, however, he lived with his mother, Isabel E.…
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