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Photograph of Hazel B. (Helsley) Wilkins as a young woman.

Hazel was the daughter of George W. and Sarah Elizabeth (Lutz) Helsley. When she was about 2 years old, she was given to Jacob and Virginia (Sine) Miller, who raised her.

She married…
Photograph of (l to r) Virginia (Sine) Miller, her husband, Jacob W. Miller, and their foster daughter, Hazel Bertha Helsley.

Hazel was given to the Millers when she was 2 years old. Her biological parents were George W. Helsley and Sarah…
Portrait of Melvin Lutz, seated next to his wife, Fleta (Sheetz) Lutz, and their daughter, Mary Ann (Lutz) Williamson.
Studio portrait of Melvin Lutz with his wife, Fleta (Sheetz) Lutz, and his daughter, Mary Ann (Lutz) Williamson.
Portrait of Evie Mae Polk, born on August 19, 1909, to Noah Frederick & Susan Miller Polk. She married Earl Francis Lutz on December 11, 1924. Evie Mae died in Mt. Jackson on September 11, 1981. She and her husband had two sons and a daughter.
Photograph of Johnny Raynor as a young boy sitting on a chair and smiling.

Johnny's parents were Emil Lewis (1924-2010) and Louise Virginia (Linaweaver) Raynor. He also had a brother, Jimmy.

His father was born in Maurertown and worked at the…
Portrait of Jimmy Raynor (left) being supported by his older brother, Johnny Raynor. The two brothers were sons of Emil Lewis (1924-2010) and Louise Virginia (Linaweaver) Raynor.

Their father was born in Maurertown and worked at the Aileen…
Portrait of Lydia Catherine Vetter who was born on June 4, 1873 and who died on June 8, 1966. Her married name was Lutz.
Group of high school students in front of the Strasburg High School. The following have been identified:
1st Row (l to r): ?, Cecilia Horan (Kirby), Marguerite Boles, Mildred Fund Gordon, Ada Lineburg, Beatrick Booth, Dorothy Lutz, Lillie Lichliter…
Corporal Lutz shown in his U.S. Army uniform and seated next to his wife. The insignias on his sleeve indicate he was a "Technician 5th Grade" and served as a radio operator in the 8th AAF.
William "Bill" Lutz pictured in his U.S. Army uniform. Mr. Lutz was from Conicville. He died in a car wreck at Lantz Mills in about 1956 or 1957.
Portrait of a young man wearing the uniform of the 8th Army Air Force. Designations indicate he was a radio operator. The name, "Lutz" was found on the glass plate.
The name, "B.E. Lutz" is written on the glass plate of this image of a baby.
Portrait of Betty Lutz Offman as a young woman.
Photograph of Johnny Lawson Raynor as a baby.

Johnny went to Central High School in the early 1960’s. Soon after, he married a young woman from Mt. Jackson, Dorothy Gail Lutz (1948-1993). She was the daughter of Harold William (1917-1986) and…
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