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Photograph of the Girls' Basketball Team of Strasburg High School in the mid-1920's. The players have been identified as: Standing (l to r) Georgia Purvis, Edna Stine, Lois McInturff; and seated (l to r) Anna Snapp, Janie Borden, and Selma…
Photograph of Mollie Catherine Funk Lichliter as a young woman. Born in Bentonville, Virginia, Mollie was the daughter of Hiram and Jennie (Jett) Funk. She married Kirby Lee Lichliter (1873-1958) of Fort Valley and had several children including:…
Photo of a photograph of Omar Funk Pirkey standing on the left side of a group photograph. The photographer has applied white marker as if in preparation of making another print of just him.

The group photograph was taken at an event honoring…
Omar Funk Pirkey was from Strasburg, Virginia, where he was a member of the Strasburg Christian Church.

Mr. Pirkey was a Confederate Veteran. A photograph published in the Free Press on September 26, 2002, showed him standing with a group of…
Photograph of a group of young women dressed in ballet dance costumes. Identified are: (Back row, l to r) ?, Helen Rush, Mildred Saum, Violet Miller, ?, ?; (Front row, l to r) ?, Ruth Rice, Estaline Funk, ?, ?, Nora Hottle.
Sophomore class of Woodstock High School in 1928. A few of the students have been identified. Louise Funk is in the 2nd row down from the top and 2nd girl on the right end. Other students in the photo are Homer Golladay, Dick Wickham, Sam Stickley,…
Group of students from Woodstock High School, circa 1928. Those that have been identified include: Estaline Funk (second row, second from the left), Margaret Magruder (first row, first on the left), and Eunice Lawman Morrison (first row, second on…
The name, "M. Funk" appears to be written on the glass plate of this image of a baby.
The name, "M. Funk" is written on the glass plate of this image of a young child.
Portrait of Charlotte Funk Chellini as a young woman.
The name "Funk" was written on the glass plate for this image of a young boy wearing a sailor's suit and sitting in a child-sized car.
Group of high school students in front of the Strasburg High School. The following have been identified:
1st Row (l to r): ?, Cecilia Horan (Kirby), Marguerite Boles, Mildred Fund Gordon, Ada Lineburg, Beatrick Booth, Dorothy Lutz, Lillie Lichliter…
The name "Funk" was written of the plate of this image of a young boy on a horse tricycle.
Portrait of Nellie Funk Grabill with bobbed hair and wearing pearls. She was the wife of Jack Grabill.
Portrait of Ollie Funk wearing his U.S. Army uniform.
Studio portrait of Wesley Glenn Ritenour as a young man. Wesley was from Fort Valley, the son of George Morgan Ritenour, a farmer, and Sarah Frances McInturff.

He married Isabel Inez Funk (1896-1978) when he was 21 years old. As newlyweds, they…
Portrait of two sisters: Estaline Funk Montz on the left and Louise Funk Crabill on the right.
Portrait of two sisters: Estaline Funk Montz on the left and Louise Funk Crabill on the right.

Robert H. Funk.jpg
Photograph of Robert Funk from the book "Service Record World War I and II, Woodstock and Vicinity."
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