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Old Maidsa.jpg
Photograph labeled "3 Old Maids." It shows three women, Pauline Lichliter is on the right. It is part of a scrapbook showing images from Dunsmore Business College in Staunton Virginia. Pauline attended the college in the 1920s.

Photograph showing two women with a steam locomotive. The woman standing is Elizabeth Williams Lichliter whose husband William worked for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at the Strasburg Junction Depot. The younger woman on the locomotive may be one…

Pauline Zelda Marjorie Lichliter.jpg
Photograph showing from left to right Pauline, Zelda, and Marjorie Lichliter. The three sisters lives in Strasburg Virginia.

Connie Cary Caroline O'Bryant Pauline Lichlitera.jpg
Photograph showing three women at a wedding. From left to right they are Connie Cary, Caroline O'Bryant (bride), and Pauline Lichliter.

Emma Lichliter Burkett.jpg
Photograph showing Emma Lichliter Burkett.

Photograph of an unidentified girl on a bicycle. Most likely she is a member of the Lichliter family.

Photograph showing an unidentified female member of the Lichliter family. The picture was taken in Strasburg Virginia.

On Decmeber 28th, 1926 Miss Zelda Lichliter of Strasburg Virginia received this New Year’s card from Seona of Richmond Virginia.

New Year cards were initially developed in the 19th century as secular versions of Christmas cards. Their use soon…

Sometime between 1900 and 1925, one member of the Lichliter family produced this drawing. Unfortunately, whoever was responsible failed to leave any information behind.

What we do know is that the Lichliters lived on Washington Street in…

2016-06-01 12-07-51.jpg
On June 1, 1915 J.R. Selz, of the Chicago-based Selz, Schwab & Co., sent this letter to Pauline Lichliter of Strasburg Virginia, notifying her that she had been awarded the coveted Morris Selz Liberty Bell Medals.

Named for the Selz Company’s…
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