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Photograph of a drawing of a large unidentified Church.
Woodstock Presbyterian church hidden somewhat by a row of shade trees growing along the unpaved street. Church windows and door are arched.
Black and white image of the stained glass window located inside Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Woodstock Virginia.
Unidentified chapel showing large stained glass window, arched columns, and two sections of wooden pews.
Photograph of Strasburg Presbyterian Church located at 325 S. Holliday Street in Strasburg, Virginia. Dedicated in 1830, it was used as a hospital by Federal troops during the Civil War.
Photo of Reverend Polk superimposed onto photo of Mt. Zion Methodist Church.

The church is located at the intersection of Church and Locust Streets in Woodstock, VA and is a historically black church.

Photograph showing the church confirmation class at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church on March 31, 1957.

The individuals pictured are identified, though the order in which they appear is uncertain. They are, as listed on an attached identification…

Timeline documenting the hosts of the Stonewall District Sunday School Convention from 1938-2000.

The Stonewall District Sunday School Convention was an annual meeting of protestant church's Sunday School programs in Shenandoah County's Stonewall…

Two (2) photographs showing Mt. Zion Lutheran Church.

The photographs were dated ca. 1920.

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church is located west of Woodstock Virginia in the Fairview Community.

Photograph showing the congregation of St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Toms Brook Virginia.

The photograph is undated and unlabeled.

"The Record," a publication produced monthly by the Woodstock Reformed Church Charge.

This edition is Volume II, Number 9 and is dated March 1912.

It includes information about services, financial transactions, and church groups.

Photograph and letter sent to Margaret "Daisy" Hickman from Charles Kessler Coffman in reference to a rose bush Charles had placed on the grave of Margaret's mother Angeline Campbell.

Angeline's grave is located in the "Old" Columbia Furnace Union…

Photograph of an unidentified wedding party ca. 1942.

The photograph is taken inside Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock Virginia.

The only two identified persons are Daniel S. Hottel, front row second from right, and Rev. John Perry…

Photograph showing the "Fort Brick Church" in Fort Valley Virginia. The image is undated. It is located in a photograph album that was maintained by Arlene Strickler.

This church and Trinty Church (pictured in the background) are currently home…

Pledge to the vestry of "Jacob's Church" along Swover Creek in Shenandoah County.

At the time the church was a "Union Church" between what is now St. Jacob's Lutheran Church, which stands in the same area as Jacob's Church, and Christ Reformed…

Envelope and letter written by John Wisman of Woodstock to R.H. Newland of Hamburg Virginia. Dated August 15, 1889.

The letter concerns a construction debt owed by Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock to Newland.

"Architect's Drawing" of an educational building then under construction for St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Strasburg Virginia.

The drawing is dated September 1, 1953. It is taken from the publication "Historical Sketch of St. Pauls Lutheran…

Brochure promoting Strasburg Virginia published ca. 1962.

The brochure includes descriptions of businesses, church, local organizations, local festivals, and historic attractions.

Undated photograph showing "Salem Church" in the Hamburg community.

The building was erected in 1877. It originally housed a Disciples of Christ Church and later was home to a Lutheran Congregation. It closed as a church sometime after 1946.

Photograph showing Solomons Lutheran Church located near Moores Store in southwestern Shenandoah County.

The reverse of the photograph is labeled "Soloman's Church- Grandmother & Granddaddy went here until 1928 due to common communion cup."

Letter sent from the Pastor and Consistory of the Edinburg Charge of the Evangelical and Reformed Church to congregational members concerning Easter week services and church events. The letter is dated March 17, 1949
1921 photograph showing African American musicians and performers in costume and blackface for a production of “Virginia Minstrels” that benefited Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock Virginia.

Identified in the photograph are:

Front row,…
Postcard photograph showing Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock Virginia. Besides the image of this historically black church, the postcard also shows an inset portrait of its minister W.H. Polk and the segregated African American School in…

Undated photograph showing individuals at the St. Peters Lutheran Church Bible School in Toms Brook Virginia. Pictured are:

Row 1, left to right: Bill Keckley, Roy Hottle, Unknown, Laura Miley, Kay Painter, Connie Dyke

Row 2, girls on right:…

If you had attended a community event in the 70s, or 80s you might have found Betty Showman there, dressed as the popular TV character Minnie Pearl.

A resident of Conicville, Betty began performing as Minnie in 1963. She took her act to various…
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