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Group photograph of the students and teachers of the Lantz Mills School in 1924.

The girl in the 2nd row from the bottom, 2nd student from the left was Elizabeth Stoneburner. The man in the center of the photograph was a teacher, Edward L. Lantz…
Isabelle Seibert Stoneburner as a young woman. She married John Ray Stoneburner (1919-1998) of Woodstock. They had a son, Philip Ray Stoneburner.
Portrait of Dorothy May Seibert as a young woman. She was the daughter of C. Frank and Gladys Seibert. Her three siblings were Douglas, Gordon Seibert and Isabell Seibert Stoneburner.
Photograph of the Army's "Certificate of Service" for Captain Graham I. Stoneburner, who served in the Headquarters of the 3rd Battalion in the 134th Infantry Regiment from December 12, 1942 to January 23, 1946.
Frank Curtis Stoneburner shown in his U.S. Army uniform.

Frank C. Stoneburner was an Edinburg resident. He graduated from what is now Virginia Tech University and served in the US Army during World War One. While in service, he received several…
Portrait of Jacob Earl Hottle and his bride, Margaret Mae Stoneburner, The image has been identified as being the couple's wedding picture.
Photograph of James “Jimmy” Thomas Phalen as a boy standing by a table and wearing short pants, striped socks, and a jacket.

Jimmy was the third child born in Strasburg to Timothy B. (1887-1944) and Lillian R. (Smith) (1904-1970) Phalen. In 1930,…
Portrait of Franklin "Frank" Stoneburner in a suit and standing next to a chair.

Frankin lived in Maurertown Virginia and was a well known farmer.

Photograph showing three women with tennis gear. From left to right they are Ann Stoneburner, Lucia Zigler, and Elizabeth "Beth" Downey. The photograph was taken in August of 1944 of the Downey home's tennis court, located on what is now Stoney Creek…
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