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Portrait of James Luther Warner and his family. The family lived in Strasburg while the children were in school. Later, James L. Warner Sr. died in Florida.

Pictured at top (l to r): Nellie (Warner) Forrest, Brondell Warner, and Virginia (Warner)…
Portrait of Hilda Marston Wightman as a young woman.
Photograph taken of the home of A.V. Marston in winter. This house on N. Muhlenberg Street in Woodstock was later owned by Jacob J. and Lillian Sperry.

As of 2023 it was home to the Woodstock Police Department.
The name, "Hazel Marston", is written on the glass plate of this image of five children, probably siblings, posed together in the studio.
Portrait of Earl "Doc" Marston, Jr., wearing his U.S. Army uniform.
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