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Clayton Painter and his wife, Irene, seated, with their two children, Charlotte (seated on the arm of the bench) and Buddy (seated on his mother's lap).

The name, "Painter", is written on the glass plate.
The name, "Painter" is written on the glass plate for this image of a toddler seated on a wicker chair.
Charles "Pete" Hubert Painter, seated, with his wife, Mary Elizabeth (Combs) Painter standing beside him.

The couple married in 1918 in Edinburg. It is possible this was their wedding photograph.
Portrait of Mr. Garnett Painter posed in studio.

Garnett Painter was the son of Nason (1831- 1904) and Rebecca A. (Lindamood) (1841- 1923) Painter, from Hamburg. His father had fought with the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Portrait of Geneva (Painter) Cummins wearing a corsage with ribbons on her jacket.

Geneva graduated from Edinburg High School in 1943. She married Herbert Cummins. They had a son, Donald Cummins.
Wedding photograph of Herbert Cummins and his new bride, Geneva C. (Painter) Cummins. They were married in September 1946.

“Herbert”, as he was known, was born in Anstead, West Virginia, to Charles Herbert (1895-1962) and Gladys Signora (Tolley)…
Portrait of Charlotte Painter Poland as a young woman. Charlotte was born on March 1, 1922, at Edinburg, Virginia, the daughter of the late Clayton Painter and Irene Coffman Painter.

She was a lifetime member of Bethel Lutheran Church, where she…
Photograph of an unidentified boy.

The glass negative is labeled "Painter."
Garnett Painter as a young man shown standing with his hands behind his back.

Garnett Painter was the son of Nason (1831- 1904) and Rebecca A. (Lindamood) (1841- 1923) Painter, from Hamburg. His father had fought with the Confederate Army during…
Photograph of Elliot Milton Richman (1932-2010) as a child. His parents were Walter and Lucy Richman. In May 1955, he married Patsy Kay Painter in Maurertown. Her parents were Charles Hubert Painter and Mary Elizabeth Combs.

When he married,…
Portrait of Alfred Holsinger Sr. as a young man.

Alfred Holsinger was born in Timberville, Rockingham County, the third child of John L. (1885-1976) and Anna Mary (Yates) (1887-1966) Holsinger.

He married Bessie Irene Lambert (1918-2002) in…
Three different portraits of Mary Elizabeth Combs Painter. She is looking towards the camera in the two left portraits and looking away from the camera in the right portrait. She wears a collared blouse tucked into a skirt.

Born in Toms Brook,…
Portrait of Geneva Catherine (Painter) Cummins as a young woman.

Geneva was born in Woodstock to Charles Hubert (1895-1967) and Mary Elizabeth (Combs) (1898-1993) Painter. When she married in 1946, she worked as a stenographer and lived in…
Family photograph of Ches Lambert, seated, with his wife, Evelyn (Eckard) Lambert beside him and their oldest son, Jerry Franklin, on her lap. Another son, Wayne A. “Butch” Lambert, and a daughter, Bonnie Jo Lambert, were born after this photograph…
Portrait of Mamie Catherine (Painter) Barbe wearing a suit jacket and a blouse with ruffles in the front.

She was one of eight children born to George Frank (1873-1954) and Nellie May (Pangle) (1876-1977) Painter. When she was quite young, the…
Photograph of the students from Bowmans Crossing School about 1911. They are identified as:
1st row (l to r): Ruth Baker, Raymond Baker, Medger Bowers, Clarence ?, Joe Bowers, Fred Grandstaff (Tip Downey), and Mertie Bowers.
2nd Row: Buford…
Photograph of Brenda K. Painter as a baby.

She was the daughter of George and Mary Catherine (Hoover) Painter.
Painter family identified as (L to R): Richard Henry Painter, seated, his oldest child, Mildred Agatha, and his wife, Grace Catherine (Wisman).

Born in Narrow Passage, Richard was the third son of Joseph and Dora (Kelley) Painter.

In 1913, he…
Portrait of Elaine Painter Gochenour as a young woman. She grew up in Edinburg and lived on Back Road.

Her husband was Carroll Monroe Gochenour (1922-2019).
Portrait of Lee Painter (born Rockingham County 1874 - died 1951) with unidentified woman, (possibly Alice Fisher, his girlfriend at the time photo was taken). Lee Painter was a farmer and lived in Mt. Jackson. He married Ethel Jordan in 1919 and…
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