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Photograph of Samuel Lorenzo Spiggle as a young man in his U.S. Army uniform and standing beside a pennant that says, "Camp Lee".

He was from Edinburg, the son of Turner W. and Annie (Grim) Spiggle.

In 1924, after his military service, Samuel…
Photograph of an unidentified child wearing a white gown and cap.

The glass negative has the name "Spiggle" etched on it.
The name, "Shirley Spiggle" appears on the glass plate for this image of a smiling woman.
Photograph of Edith Edna (Spiggle) Reynard standing in the studio wearing a striped dress.

Edith was born in Bedford, Virginia, to William Turner (1871-1933) and Annie Rebecca (Grim) (1868-1905) Spiggle. She grew up in the Madison District of…
Photograph of Edith Edna (Spiggle) Reynard standing in the studio with one hand on a chair.

Her husband was Frederick Lee Reynard (1885-1953).
Portrait of Shirley Spiggle as a young woman. She was the daughter of Nellie Spiggle, lived at Bowman Crossing, and married Waldo Polk.
Frank Spiggle, his wife, Daisy, and their daughter, Goldie Irene shown riding in an early automobile.

The photograph was taken near Maurertown, circa 1913.
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