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Unidentified fragment of pottery, craftwork or other object.

Twelve small portrait photographs contained on a single sheet.

The photographs show three male and two female subjects. All five are unidentified.

The reverse of the sheet is labeled "Robert Furr., Hawkinstown, Va." It is uncertain if Robert…

Photograph showing a group of unidentified persons.

Nineteen of these individuals appear to be students at Woodstock Schools. One appears to be a sailor in the US Navy. They are gathered with an older man and woman who is in a wheel chair.


Two photographs. One showing a cemetery in an unknown location and a second showing an unidentified woman inside that cemetery. Both photographs are labeled on the reverse "October 2" 1914."

Photograph of an unidentified man standing and smoking.

The reverse of the image is labeled "Edinburg Va Aug. 1916"

Photograph of an unidentified African American young man.

Photograph showing a group of people around a cabin at Camp Strawderman located west of Edinburg Virginia. The photograph is undated.

18-1129-001 - Copy.jpg
Photograph labeled "John Paul Williams Farm." Image shows group of individuals in front of a brick house posing with a car and truck. The location of the farm and identities of who is in the picture in unknown.

Photograph showing several unidentified men working with crops and farm equipment in front of a silo and barn.

Photograph showing four unidentified men and an unidentified boy in front of a large stack of. The location and date of the photograph are unknown.

Photograph showing two unidentified men posing with several pieces of steam powered farm equipment. The location of the picture is unknown.

Photograph showing two men among stalks of corn in a field. Their identities and the date of the photograph is unknown.

Photograph showing two men and a boy among stalks of corn in a field. Their identities and the date of the photograph is unknown.

Photographs showing a groups of farmers/agricultural laborers making hay with horse powered equipment. The photographs are dated August 26 1929.

Photograph of three unidentified women and an automobile outside Frye's Grocery Store in Mt. Clifton Virginia. The store was operated by Ivan "Wesley" Frye.

Photograph of two unidentified individuals standing in front of a car at an unknown location. Individuals may be members of the Lichliter family of Strasburg Virginia.

Tintype of an unidentified woman. Reverse of the sleeve is marked "Jacob W. Coffman Traveling Stationary Photographer, Photograph Gallery, Saint Luke, Virginia."

Tintype of an unidentified woman.

Tintype showing an unidentified family. The rear of the image contains an advertisement for Bell's Eau Lustral Hair Dressing. The front of the sleeve contains the notation "Potters Patent March 7 1863."

Image 1 - Copy.jpg
Photograph showing four unidentified children, most likely a family group. The photograph is undated but is marked "Tooley-Myron."

Unidentified group of men working at an unidentified barrel-making plant.

Mine Photo - Copy.jpg
Photograph showing a group of miners in front an entrance to the "Jean Mine." The identifies of the miners, where the photograph was taken, and the name of the photographer responsible for its creation is unknown.
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